Warrior Mode ACTIVATED

Cut the crap, chaos + confusion

How to calm the F down and cultivate the strength you need to cope with all the madness.

Life is overwhelming as it is. I get it. And now you have to contend with this barely controllable virus, scaremongering idiots all over Facebook, pre-emptive cabin fever from the quarantine that hasn’t actually happened yet and the prospect of having your space and your schedule invaded by the humans you live with. (You might love ‘em, but it doesn’t mean you want them up in your grill 24/7, right?)

In this workshop, we’ll be diving into some highly practical coping strategies. We’ll also enjoy a group hypnosis that will help you chill a bit and uncover that inner strength and stick-to-it-iveness that I KNOW you possess.

Fancy an insane new income stream?

Then let’s create one!

It might seem like the online world (hell, the whole world) is spiralling, but do you know what? You are adaptable. You are smart. You are resilient. You are creative. And you can DO THIS.

In this workshop, we will be co-creating a brand new income stream (maybe 2!) that you can take out and start selling straight away!

Yes, you read that right. I’m not just going to spout a bunch of training at you – we’re going to get down to business LIVE.

content PIVOT!

How to show up, get seen and get sales in times of chaos and change

Maybe you already had a great plan that has had to change now you can’t offer the same things. Maybe you didn’t have a plan at all, but feel like you need one now that everything has gone to shit. Maybe you need some clarity on how to navigate all the crap and incorporate your shiny new income stream.

Whatever the drama, I have you covered.

In this workshop, we are going to work together to pivot your content strategy so that you come out the other side more consistent, more visible, and more loved on by your audience.

Worrier to Warrior bundle

And if you’re a binger by nature (or a Daire superfan, idk) then you can get your hands on the bundle for £70. That’s:

  • Cut the crap, chaos and confusion
  • Fancy a new income stream
  • content PIVOT
These sessions have been designed to complement each other perfectly (duh) so that we can activate those warrior vibes and have you feeling super-strength inside and outside of your business.