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5 get me on your team

Do you need someone to whip your words up into wonderful, witty digital content that actually sounds like you?

Get me on your team and, together, we'll do just that.

Perhaps you're looking for...

** Someone to take your email sequence off your hands.

** Someone to create consistent weekly blog posts for your biz.

** Someone to make sense of all the launch content you need.

** Someone to shake up your Instagram feed.

** Someone to repurpose those nuggets you've got hiding in your archives.

Or perhaps you've got something entirely bespoke in mind. Either way, you're in the right place.

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1 the desktop daire
The Desktop Daire is my 3-month strategic coaching programme, designed to take you from "meh... maybe..." to "MAKING. YOUR. MARK."
Together we could...
** Design + fill a content calendar that's bang on brand, bang on trend and oozing with personality AND set up a workflow that gets you publishing on the regular.
** Nail your launch content way ahead of time.
** Create evergreen email sequences that convert again and again.
** Launch a winning podcast or video show.
Cost: £350 per month OR £900 if you pay in full.
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Copy of work with me

Content CONQUERED is a 2hr intensive designed to help you get your content shiz under control.

And you have two options...

ONE // Together we create your full strategy, set up your plan of attack, and make sure the whole machine is working to support your business goals.

Includes: A fully outlined content strategy, editorial plan and stash of image templates AND 2 weeks of follow-up support via email.

TWO // Together we map out your next online programme, e-course or membership so that it's ready to create, sell and delight your humans.

Includes: A comprehensive project plan set up for you in Asana AND 2 weeks of follow-up support via email.

Cost: £350

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2 the content arsenal

The Content Arsenal is an ongoing membership to my personal Content Club - full of switched-on business owners, just like you.

With bite-sized prompts, tools, templates, a supportive gang behind you, pop-up challenges and monthly live calls to go deep into your problem areas, the Content Arsenal has it all...

(Including a hub of 20+ short, sweet, actionable trainings!)

Or at least, it has all you need to brainstorm and create content that is worth consuming AND CONVERTS, every single week.

Can you really afford to click away?

Cost: £33/month

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4 the podcast package

The Podcast Package is just the ticket if you LOVE creating audio content but want to get a little more impact from all the effort you're putting in.

In a nutshell, you would hand over a weekly audio, and Daire HQ will:

** Upload your podcast to your hosting platform (along with the episode description and artwork, which we also create).

** Draft the show notes on your blog, rounding up all the resources mentioned in your episode, pulling out those "mic drop" quotes, and outlining the key takeaways.

** Create a juicy Instagram post (including image) and an Instagram Story to promote your episode.

Cost: £550/month (based on one episode a week)

AND if you're brand new to podcasting we can also help you:

** Set up your podcast

** Submit to iTunes

** Prep 5 episodes ready to launch

Cost: £800

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3 batch like a bitch

Batch Like A Bitch is my one-of-a-kind bootcamp designed to help you nail 90 days worth of content in 5 days. Yep, really.

During our 5-day intensive we will:

** Review your biz goals + how your content can help you get there

** Design a *killer* content plan and fill it with ingenious ideas

** Research, outline, draft, edit and schedule ALL of your core content

** Knock up super sweet imagery to go with everything

** Repurpose those core pieces of content into killer emailers

** Schedule pure social media MAGIC, covering you for the next 90 days

** Engage in a bit of guerrilla promo to get the word out even more

** Install a few winning content habits so you never go back to your old ways

The next live round is taking place October 14th - 18th.

Cost: £127

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