How to craft your own values-driven biz model



You’ll walk away from this (incredibly useful) masterclass with:

A big fat reality check. You’ll realise the many ways you’ve been “doing the done thing” instead of trusting your gut, and together we’ll do a witchy little practice to let that crap go once and for all.

A clear understanding of what your true values are (beyond that “this makes me sound like a good person” bullshit).

A fully mapped-out business model based on those values (so you can be sure you actually enjoy everything you work on)

A complete (and honest) breakdown of how I’m implemented this system myself, including all of the practical shifts I’ve had to make (and why).

One-on-one feedback so that you can easily incorporate what I’m teaching into your own business as it currently is – no prep time required.

By the end of this workshop you will be ready to run. This is not one of those “show them the what not the how” sessions. You’re getting the full system here. I want you ready and able to implement everything we’ve worked on IMMEDIATELY.


Please note, this masterclass is pre-recorded and you will receive the link to watch it after signing up.