The Unshakeable Business Method

Unlock your next income level without sacrificing the chilled out lifestyle you crave.

March 28th-April 1st

    What we'll be covering...

    Pillar #1 – Unshakeable Essentials

    The Unshakeable Essentials are made of the foundational practices, rituals, and beliefs that will keep you feeling grounded and focused, no matter what life has to throw at you. Some of the work in this pillar might look at establishing new habits and patterns, and some of it is about learning to think or see things in a different way.

    Pillar #2 – Lifestyle Unleashed

    In Lifestyle Unleashed we fall back on that fundamental truth I chant over and over: we are humans before we are business owners. SO instead of giving our personal lives the scraps leftover after we’ve worked on the biz, we look at what we want and need personally first, so that we can build a business that provides that for us.

    Pillar #3 – Personal Expansion

    In Personal Expansion we predominantly do two things. We do the inner work that allows us to detach from the dramas that limit us and keep us feeling stuck or small, and we also work on increasing our capacity, so that we’re able to take it when we start seeing allll the business wins. I wholeheartedly believe that you have no business being a coach, healer or support for others if you’re not willing to work on your own shit.

    Pillar #4 – Signature Strategy

    Signature Strategy is all about the tactics of building a business that works for you. And by “works for you” I mean something that feels good for you to be inside of and also something that provides you with what you say you want, whether that’s money, freedom, comfort, inspiration, impact, or something else altogether.

    Pillar #5 – Energetic Leadership

    Energetic Leadership is where we kick it up a notch. This is where you start to step it up as a leader. That doesn’t necessarily mean commanding an audience of thousands, but it does mean upgrading your energy to the point where your impact is felt.