It’s the Q&A time of the month over on Your Biz, Your Rules!

Secretly, I think these might be my favourite episodes to record. I love that they give me the opportunity to touch on a whole bunch of different stuff… plus, I think it’s kind of fun that I’m not in control of the topics. They’re 100% requested by you guys.

If you like to ask a question for the next Q&A episode,
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It’s no secret that I love to talk all things “content plan”… and so I do. I spend a lot of time chatting to my biz buddies, clients and Content Arsenal members about content planning.

One thing I’ve learned from all of these (fun, inspiring) conversations is this: pretty much everyone IN THE WORLD is making mistakes in their content plans that are resulting in:

  • more stress
  • more overwhelm
  • more frustration


  • less consistency
  • less creativity
  • less actual content

But luckily for you,

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In this episode, I’m talking about how to get out of a funk if you wake up feeling stressed, or overwhelmed, or just a little bit “meh”. Seriously, if you want to start the day the right way, these tactics will help.

I’m also diving into how to prioritise where your energy should go, from a content perspective. It can be pretty draining trying to do all the things all the time, and the good news is…

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When it comes to marketing your small business, nothing ever seems simple. There are so many options – so many platforms, so many tools, so many tactics to try out… I mean, how are we supposed to know where to focus in order to get the results, if we don’t have an entire lifetime to devote to this stuff?

(Don’t worry, that’s a rhetorical question. I’m going to tell you right now)

Start by getting clear on what you actually want to get from all this effort.
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In this episode of Your Biz, Your Rules, I’m chatting to freelance coach extraordinaire, Miss better-than-Google herself, Emma Cossey!

Listen here:

The key takeaways:

💛 Freelancing was made for introverts – you get to work from home, you get to take your control back and you get the flexibility of working around your energy.

💛 If you download an app and don’t like it, you can request a refund…

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As we wrap up for the year and head into 2018, I feel like we should all be thinking about how we can be a bit more strategic with the way we spend our time.

This episode of Your Biz, Your Rules is focused on just that. I’ll be walking you through an activity that will help you determine just what does deserve your attention (and what to do with the bits that don’t).

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The latest “quickiesode” of Your Biz, Your Rules is just perfect for those of you who feel busy. Those of you who feel rushed. Those of you who feel like there’s never enough time to do all the things you want to do in your business.

It’s short, it’s sweet, it’s actionable and it addresses this endless quest for productivity that we all seem to be on at the moment.

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So let’s talk time-saving hacks, also known as everything you need to know about creating outstanding digital content FAST.

Did you know that the average business owner spends 11,000 hours a week dilly-dallying about online?

Ok, that figure might not be quite accurate, but you know what I mean. We all spend an awful lot of time researching and drafting and editing and posting and commenting…

Read more: 3 ways to deal with content overwhelm

You don’t need me to tell you that having an online presence is a must.

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I meet a fair few business owners who dream of the day they can have a team to help them out.

It can feel overwhelming trying to do all of the things, all by yourself. And if you’re faced with a big deadline or a demanding client? Forget about it. Your content goals slide straight to the bottom of the to-do list.

That’s where I step in, with my mission to help you take back control.

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Content overwhelm is a very real beast.

It’s like we’re all standing in front of a ball machine, weaving and ducking as we try to escape the must do marketing hacks hurtling our way.

The only thing is, that ball machine will never switch off… and if you don’t take the necessary steps to get out of dodge, you’ll end up covered in bruises and possibly unconscious.

As lovely as it would be to hand that responsibility off to somebody else,

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