Let’s talk about you.

Your uniqueness, your story, your life, your opinions, your values… All of the stuff that makes you so, so, so different from anybody else out there.

That’s what we’re addressing in this week’s episode of Your Biz, Your Rules (the third instalment of my mini-series with the fabulous Alex Rudnicka). How can you reconnect to your inner badass and unleash it on your business?

Don’t worry,

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Instagram Stories. Those things I rarely shut up about… I know. It’s annoying. BUT just hear me out for a sec…

Instagram Stories can be a hugely effective way to promote your business and boost your brand online. Plus, they’re way less labour-intensive than pretty much any other form of digital content I’ve come across. And I’ve come across them all.

But don’t just take my word for it. Keep reading and I’ll share 15 different ways that YOU can boost your business with Instagram Stories.
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The latest episode of Your Biz, Your Rules is live and I am THRILLED to share this one with you.

In this show, I’m interviewing fabulous photographer, Karina Lyburn (the architect of MY pro photo shoot).

Listen here:

The key takeaways:

💛 Being visible is about putting yourself at the forefront of your business and building a brand around that. As entrepreneurs, we’re really passionate and we’re driven and we’re full of ideas and we want to share our talents and passions with the world,

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