I’m hitting you early for this week’s episode of Your Biz, Your Rules because, well, it’s a holiday weekend so I feel like a lot of you will really need to hear the cozy message heading your way. Also, it’s my podcast and I can do what I want!

In this show, I’m chatting with the wonderful Jordana Jaffe about all sorts, from building positive, nourishing Facebook communities, to exercising your mindset muscle on the regular.

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The latest episode of Your Biz, Your Rules is ready and waiting!

In this show, I have a bit of a rant about the evils of Facebook, but I also share some of the Facebook groups that fuel me on this ol’ business journey.

Listen here:

The key takeaways:

💛 Facebook may have morphed into a crazy mess of humble brags and pitch bombs but there are still delightful,

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Why is it that we just can’t say no to a daily challenge?

I’m a bugger for them.

It’s not even like I just SEE these super-fun challenges on the interwebz and decide to hop on.

Oh no.

I insist on creating my OWN daily challenges all. the. time.

And you know what? I never manage to keep up with them.

The latest culprit was a daily blogging challenge I set for myself.

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