One of my very, very favourite things about running my own business is that my future is in my hands.

That means that what I do, what I learn and what I become is all down to me.

For anyone who started out in the corporate world, I’m sure you can remember the days where you had to jump through all kinds of flaming hoops to develop in any way.

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If there’s one thing I believe passionately, from an online business perspective, it’s that no single person has all the answers. Not me. Not you. We all have gaps to fill.

Researching particular topics is obviously one way to fill those gaps – which is fine if you have a specific issue to deal with.

Another way is to surround yourself with other digital entrepreneurs; people who excel in areas you’re not so great at,

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When you run your own business, it tends to be all-consuming. We tend to spend a lot of our “free” time working. Drafting blog posts. Checking emails. Filing documents. Chatting with clients and colleagues. Doing biz-related e-courses.


We justify it by saying we find those things fun. We enjoy our work, so it counts as a hobby, right?


Wrong. You need that time to really switch off from your work day and do other things you enjoy.
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Think of your writing ritual as a training technique to help you reach peak performance, much in the way running daily laps would benefit a pro athlete. Or faceplanting a pile of hotdogs would help prep a competitive eater.

If you cultivate the habit of writing on command, you’re the one in control, not that mysterious muse of yours.

What should your writing ritual look like?

Well, there’s no template for that.

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We all feel it sometimes, whether we’re bloggers, authors, teachers or office lackeys. Sometimes the words just don’t come.

And for some people, it’s no big deal. If you write as a hobby, it’s ok if you can’t squeeze out some copy. Not brilliant, but your livelihood doesn’t depend on it or anything.

I am an old hat when it comes to suffering from writer’s block. I am no stranger to staring at a blank screen with a looming deadline,

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Here’s the thing about blogging – there’s a shit-ton of advice out there. If you followed every bit of it… well, you wouldn’t get anything done.

My stance is that you should do it all however you want.

So to that end, I’ve rounded up 15 quotes to inspire you to do just that. To blog the way you wanna blog. Paint the way you wanna paint.

“Your time is limited,

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