I spend an awful lot of time telling you how to be amazing online, but today I’m doing something a little bit different…

In this episode, I’m diving into four of the things that are doing you ZERO FAVOURS on social media.

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4 things that make you look like a dick on social media:

💛 Using your channel as a broadcasting platform and nothing more.

💛 Sending auto DMs.

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Over the past few weeks, the online business has been going MAD. The reason? Another much dreaded Facebook update.

The implication is that Facebook will become more of a “pay to play” platform so in this episode of Your Biz, Your Rules, I’m joined by a digital expert who has lots of Facebook ads tips to share. Not only that, but we discuss lots of ways to get around those pesky updates and keep getting your message out for FREE.

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Content Conquered is a series of mini-posts designed to ignite content ideas and inspire you to get creative online.

If we’re all truly, brutally, honest, we all spend a lot of time dicking about on Facebook.


Whether you’re scrolling mindlessly through your news feed, clicking through to the most inane “trending” news possible, or getting sucked into a vortex of political debate, you’re spending a lot of your day with that big blue F.

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