Creating followers who are hopelessly addicted to your content is the first step in creating client relationships that feel AMAZING, which is the aim for all of us.

Listen here:

The tips:

  1. Be consistent in the way you show up – it makes people feel supported.
  2. Give them what they ask for.
  3. Provide them with opportunities to connect with you more.
  4. Engage, engage, engage!
  5. Be wholly and unapologetically yourself.

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Ever since IGTV became a thing, I’ve been feeling called to share more “real-time” discussions about what it looks like to be in the small business trenches, the struggles we face, and how I choose to overcome them… but then the unthinkable happened. The tech wizards joined forces against me, and I was pretty much unable to do ANYTHING on Instagram for about a month.

So I had to find a different outlet…

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