I’m hitting you with something a little bit different today…

If you’re a regular listener of Your Biz, Your Rules you’ll probably be used to my interviews with insanely inspiring entrepreneurial types… today you get NONE of that. I’m bringing back the solo episodes, so for today, the flim-flam is mine alone!

In this one, I’m sharing the three big (yet simple) things I’m done to boost my business results over the past year.

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As much as I love all my guests, and all my interviews, on Your Biz, Your Rules, I have to admit that this show, featuring the one and only Lisa Carpenter, was bloody brilliant. She has so much insanely insightful stuff to share… it felt kind of like a mini-coaching session on the topic of business self-care (and much, much, more).

I hope you guys all enjoy listening as much as I enjoyed recording (and I hope you all get as much out of the chat too).

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One of my very, very favourite things about running my own business is that my future is in my hands.

That means that what I do, what I learn and what I become is all down to me.

For anyone who started out in the corporate world, I’m sure you can remember the days where you had to jump through all kinds of flaming hoops to develop in any way.

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