Activate the Biz of Your Dreams

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“Sheer Force of Will” is my 6 month 1:1 extravaganza for coaches, healers and behind-the-scenes bitches who want to unlock their next income level and unleash the work they were born to be doing, without sacrificing the chilled out life they crave.

Sheer force of will is simply choosing yourself, and then choosing yourself again, and then again, and again, and again, until you have exactly what you say you want (or more).

What does that actually look like?
Energetic attunement + grounding
Clear intentions + a strategy that aligns with them
Action calibrated to your vision + values
A consistent practice of embodiment

During our time together you’ll get 1x 4-hour attunement retreat, 12x 90-minute breakthrough calls, and weekly Voxer activations.

90-Minute Energetic Revamp

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This epic 90-min session will give you a tangible plan of attack for the next 6 months in your life and business. Trust me when I say they are worth MY weight in gold.

Unapologetic Wealth

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Rewire your mind and recalibrate your energy to receive all the cash you crave, without burning yourself out, or bending over backwards to follow strategies that don’t work for you… in just 33 days.

Unapologetic Wealth is a 33-day audio programme that will give you all the tools you need to train your brain and release any outdated beliefs and blocks that are keeping you at the status quo.

VIP Day with Daire

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Want my brain in your biz for 3 whole hours? 

Book your VIP day with me and we will deep dive into your business and mindset, plan out your next steps and pave the way for huge moves in your biz!