Would you like to join the team?

I’ve had the good fortune to work with a whole bunch of inspiring entrepreneurs over the past few years and the power of the word of mouth that comes with that is FIERCE.

The up-side is that I have client after client knocking on my (virtual) door. The down-side is that I don’t have enough hours in the day (or night) to do all the work myself…

So as I’m not yet able to clone myself, I’d like to add another writer to the team over here at Daire HQ.

This position will involve…

Creating blog posts, emails, social media posts and show notes for an exciting variety of clients.

Drafting gloriously compelling website copy, sales pages and email sequences.

Collaborating on content upgrades and lead magnets.

Repurposing podcasts and video content.

Knocking up visuals in Canva (using existing templates provided by moi).

Proofreading and/or editing drafts provided by the client.

Taking part in the occasional brainstorming session.

I expect whoever fills this hole in my life to…

Have an up-to-date knowledge of what works online (and what doesn’t).

Be able to weave someone else’s voice, style and personality into their writing.

Be open to constructive feedback and creative ideas.

Be comfortable with Slack, Asana, Canva and Google docs (and also willing to deal with new tech upon occasion).

Turn regular projects around within 36 hours and small-scale edits within 24 hours.

Bring your own ideas, experience and sparkle to the mix.

I do not want someone who…

Is brand new to the online business world.

Is doing this as a hobby, or until something “better” comes along.

Is afraid of voicing their opinions.

Is likely to disappear for long stretches without warning.

Actively dislikes dogs, ’90s TV or Bon Jovi.

I am currently looking for 15 hours of your time per month, with potential for this to turn into more over the coming months. I would also like to be there to mentor whoever snaps up this position, helping you improve your craft, swipe my hard-won tricks of the trade and grow your own online business.

Still interested? Apply here.

Applications closing 5th April 2018.