In the spirit of efficiency (and you know my Virgo rising lives for efficiency) I’ve decided to pull together all the different ways I can help you and pop them in one easy-access spot.

*I first saw this concept of an “everything page” from Elizabeth Goddard. I don’t want you to think it was my genius idea.

Some are free. Some are paid. All are excellent.

They’re also arranged by category to make it easier to peruse. Like I said: EFFICIENCY.​


Join me in Telegram once a month for in-depth voicenotes breaking down different concepts and strategies helping me (and my clients) soar.

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Your daily hypnosis to shift the “shoulds” and do your business differently. 

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Holistic support growing the business of your dreams. There are two membership levels available.

Level 1: Get access to all my masterclasses (past and future) Sign up here

Level 2: Get access to all my masterclasses, group programmes, and courses (past and future) Sign up here

Both options also receive monthly coaching calls.

Create a holistic business strategy – that factors in all aspects of your life, from health and relationships to spirituality and your home environment – so that you can stack the cash without burning out or sacrificing personal fulfilment. Sign up here


A 3-month mastermind for anyone ready to say goobye to erratic income (and the emotional highs and lows that go with that).

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A 12-month mastermind for big-hearted business owners wanting to sustain financial success without burning out, step into a new level of (ethical) leadership, and commit to personal growth as you go. 

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I have a variety of 1:1 coaching client containers available because I know that different people desire different levels of support at different times. 

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When you’re ready to proceed please message me on Instagram to discuss next steps


Let go of the fears keeping you quiet and step into a whole new state of magnetism. 

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Plan, produce, and manage your content on any (and every) platform.

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The 9 post system to slow the scroll, captivate your followers, and create “hell, yes!” relationships on Instagram.

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10 content mining tactics to arm you with a neverending stash of unique, activating, RELEVANT content ideas for any platform.

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How to stop using your values as superficial virtue signalling and make them an unforgettable aspect of EVERY offer, EVERY piece of content, and EVERY client conversation.

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Create a seamless content production system that works for YOUR style, YOUR strengths, and YOUR business. 

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Book at least one *fabulous* new client by the end of the week. 

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A step-by-step system for creating your own paid workshops (and turning them into fun, fast 1:1 sessions if you feel like it).

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A simple, customisable system to keep your multi offer product suite in order, up to date and selling seamlessly. Includes a template in Google Sheets and a video walkthrough.

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10 swift shifts you can make TODAY to start booking a higher calibre of client.

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Join me in Telegram for 5 days of short, sharp, straight to the point voicenotes + inspired action steps to get you settled in and slaying with your version of a multi offer business model.

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Breathe new life into your always-open offers.

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Attract well-matched, well-paying clients who don’t emotionally drain you.

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Create a suite of high-impact mini offers that dazzle your clients, cement your authority, and add to that stack of recurring revenue.

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Craft the kind of client container that transforms *their* lives and *your* income level. Irresistible. Impactful. Insanely easy to sell.

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Break free from anything draining your energy and move forward feeling POWERFUL.

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Call in a state of chill whenever you need it!

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A year of daily journal prompts to clear your mind and reset your energy.

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Release the thoughts, fears, and frustrations keeping you stuck and make space for all the good stuff coming your way!

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Bring yourself back into alignment on command! Includes TWO different healing practice you can take away and use on yourself again and again.

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Get yourself back on track and making moves with this *powerful* hypnotherapy system.

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Transmute the 5 most limiting emotions keeping you stuck, using a blend of targeted journal work, somatic healing, and TIME techniques.

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Get yourself into the mindset of making sales every day… and having it be easy!

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Increase your capacity to receive peace *and* prosperity

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Rewire your mind and recalibrate your energy to receive all the cash you crave, without burning yourself out, or bending over backwards to follow strategies that don’t work for you… in just 33 days.

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A growing list of power-up playlists to shake off a bad mood, get you in the zone, and boost that focus!

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The digital bullet journal with a twist!

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Reset your energy like a pro!

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How to create a spacious, flexible, FUN 6-month plan you actually stick with (even as a spontaneous, intuitive, endlessly inspired type!)

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A simple, intuitive guide to setting (and getting) goals that puts YOU front and centre.

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A 1:1 intensive specifically designed to help you get clear on where you’re leaking time, energy, and enthusiasm, and make a plan of attack to help you move forward with purpose, passion, and way more productivity!

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6 audio activations for the leader who is ready to step the f*ck up (and make more money).

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The daily, weekly, and monthly spiritual habits that give me MORE peace of mind, MORE inexplicable magnetism, and MORE unbelievably unique content and offer ideas

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Release the pressure you’re putting on any single product, post, or opportunity and set yourself up to receive from every direction.

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What to expect from this 2-day live masterclass:

  • The energetics of accepting your role as a leader in your space
  • A comprehensive breakdown of the 8 levels of new paradigm leadership and how to turn up the dial on each in your business
  • In-depth hotseats to clean up your nuanced situation and shift you from friend zone to leader’s land.

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Be an unforgettable coach, healer, or consultant in this deeply unregulated world.

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Breathe through the bullshit and ditch every limitation keeping you small, stuck, and scrambling for your next steps with 8 weeks of hypno-breathwork.

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