Let me guess: you’re an overachiever with a big dream, yet you are...

💫 Prioritising anything – and everything – outside of making that dream a reality. You win at client work. You win at family commitments. You win at being the greatest friend, partner, pet-owner… But right now you do not win at making your vision a tangible success.

💫 Listening to all of the voices and taking none of the action. You follow all the experts on Instagram. You’ve worked with coaches. You’ve joined masterminds. You’ve “ticked the boxes” of doing the work and yet… you’re still stuck right here.

💫 Not sure what your next steps are. Especially given that you want a life that feels a bit easier, a bit more fun and a bit more chilled. You’re curious, and open to the woo, but you’re not sure how to translate that into practical moves that will work for you.


A 12-month mastermind with a difference (and I’m not just saying that). This year-long business incubator will give you all the tools, training + support you could ever need to double-down on your innate strengths and create powerful transformations in the areas that aren’t quite your bag so that can upgrade your income + create your own kind of balance.

By balancing + integrating the energies of the 12 signs of the zodiac (in highly practical ways) we will distill your skills, focus your passion, power up your personality and unleash your magic.​


This is not your typical business course. This is not your average mastermind. This isn’t the standard personal development thang. Cosmic Bitch is NOT just about building the business of your dreams, it’s about making YOU the business owner of your dreams.

"I always have buyer's regret but I would buy this 100 times over!" ~ Darcie Kermode


❎ Modelling yourself on experts who have reached levels of success you’re desperate for…

❎ Signing up for eleventy masterminds and membership groups…

❎ Reading every personal development book to hit the bestseller list…

❎ Buying the jazzy planners and expecting them to fix your WHOLE ENTIRE LIFE…

❎ Dabbling in “manifesting” and buying yourself a couple of crystals for the office…

❎ Endless. Bloody. Positive. Thinking.


Sure, you might have seen a (temporary) quick win the first (or second) time you tried calendar blocking, and you might have felt fierce AF the first time you made some sales using that guru’s secret system… but you’re still attaching yourself to the wrong things.

All of this stuff is superficial tactics. And surface level action-taking is never going to be the thing to flip your script.


My name is Daire (pronounced Dara) and I am a UK-based brain + biz coach. My mission is helping coaches, healers and behind-the-scenes service providers unlock their next income level and unleash the work they were born to be doing. And that includes you.

Outside of my 5 years of experience helping a rainbow of businesses grow, I am certified in a unique blend of modalities guaranteed to create epic changes in your world, including:

  • Neuro-Linguisting Programming
  • Emotional Freedom Technique
  • Timeline therapy
  • Hypnotherapy
  • Life & Success Coaching
  • The Tabwoo System
  • Akashic Records
Daire’s approach is pure magic. A beautifully blended mix of coaching, energy work and integrated woo, she is a secret weapon. Her brilliant brain and cosmic tools are on speed dial for me, and I cannot recommend her enough.
Jo Gifford




Doing the work you want to do. Living the life you want to live. It’s not a fucking pipedream.


✨ Tap into what you truly want in this world and create the rituals + routines to make that shit a done deal so that you can take daily inspired action in a way that feels fun, effortless and powerful.

✨ Become the master of yourself, your money, your time, your business and your vision so that you can be the leader (and the lighthouse) you were born to be.

✨ Create NEXT LEVEL boundaries so that every single relationship in your world fuels the dream.

✨ Embrace the flow of nature’s cycles in your business so that it feel less like, well, a frustrating, painful shit-show.

✨ Cultivate the confidence and the creative force you need to design epic products and services, seduce a sea of suuuuper-aligned clients and sell that shit with ease!

✨ Embody the vibes and the qualities of the cosmos so that you can be the most balanced, most brilliant version of yourself.

If you're looking for sugar, spice and everything nice, then you're in the wrong place. Daire is a true Cosmic Bitch, a magical stardust being made of productivity, astrological knowing, and realness. She doesn't dance around, telling you what you need to hear so that you can go make moves to get the results. How do I know? Because she's always (lovingly) kicking my butt which has resulted in me enrolling my first mastermind student.
Quiana LaChé


  • Coaches, healers and online service providers
  • Biz owners who L-O-V-E the idea of a “lifestyle first” strategy 
  • Those open to bringing a bit of magic into the way they work
  • Humans committed to the dismantling of the patriarchy and any of the systemic atrocities that take place as a consequence 
  • Anybody committing to showing up, participating fully and simply doing their best
  • The kind + compassionate
  • People who can cope with their coach swearing


  • Those seeking formulaic frameworks or get rich quick schemes
  • Anyone unwilling to challenge their own way of thinking, being and doing
  • Those more committed to proving that things don’t work for them, instead of seeking possibility
  • Judgemental keyboard warriors
  • Those with a tendency to take from a community without giving back
  • Absolutely anybody with any kind of prejudice towards the BBIPOC or LGBQTIA communities – I will not tolerate ANY kind of hate or gaslighting in my spaces.
Before Cosmic Bitch, I was someone who lacked confidence, dreaded opening up, stuck in my old ways with my bad habits, had favorite self-sabotaging tactics, and everything that came with hitting my personal rock bottom. I found myself unmotivated and dreaded everything. I followed Daire on IG before starting the program and consumed her content because she’s genuine. Daire’s Cosmic Bitch is intensive but in all the right ways- you get workshops, expert sessions, and PJ parties and so MUCH MORE. Even though the program has ended, I catch myself going back to the vault because there is so much we went over and so many extra things-- plus personal development is never-ending ;). I now have a massive amount of techniques and tools in my bag that are helping me shape into that highest version of myself, that Cosmic Bitch. I really enjoyed this program and recommend it to anyone that is looking for something that is out of this world. As someone who has spent hours, days looking for resources, and tried doing it solo, I can now say what it is like to have someone like Daire in your life-- there is a massive difference. Daire is someone who really cares and won’t just sell you something and leave you out to hang dry. I know there is a Cosmic Bitch inside all of us, we just need a program like this. Daire helped me get to the place where I can be present and excited to BE-- I no longer feel hella lost. With this program, I was finally able to embrace my light and shadow and I’m excited to see what unfolds in my life. I’ve gained so much clarity from this experience. Daire, you helped shine some light in the darkness that I was finding myself in, I really can’t thank you enough!
Karen Romero



Being “in this together”, in community with humans who share your vision and your values is an essential part of the Cosmic Bitch adventure.

This is not about “networking” and taking what you can from people, it’s about cultivating true and long-lasting friendships.

Each month we have a chilled AF pyjama party, with no agenda other than connecting with each other, chatting a chilling.


Cosmic Bitch is divided into 12 “vibes” inspired by the signs of the zodiac that will arm you with EVERYTHING you need to take care of yourself and your business in every way that matters.

Every lesson is short, fluff-free, and easy-to-implement so that you can start taking action and doing the damn thing, instead of spending hours (and hours, and hours) watching endless training videos.


You are not doing any of this alone. I am *beyond* invested in every single person inside of my containers, meaning you will be personally supported during our fortnightly coaching calls.

Everyone has the opportunity to have a hot seat during every call, meaning any specifc struggles you have, we can smash, anything you’re unsure of in your biz, we can brainstorm together.


You know I am allllll about making the power moves but that does not mean I am all about the hustle or the overwhelm.

Each week you will receive a new implementation challenge (that will take you no longer than 10 minutes) so you’ll have no excuse *not* to change your world for the better!


Each season you will be invited to a 4-hour virtual retreat, focused on the themes that are most present for the community at the time.

These retreats are a combination of healing experiences, mindset + energetics, and highly practical workshopping.


I’ve opened my little black book to bring you exclusive trainings and healings with a whole mix of highly powerful leaders.

Each month you will have the opportunity to be dazzled by one of these witches, and you will also receive access to replays of all sessions that have come before.

Daire breaks down her methods into bite-sized exercises that were easy to action. The whole experience was perfectly paced for everyone to keep up and last the distance. I completed and launched my second book during the programme and having the daily list of non-negotiables pushed me personally and in my business. I love Daire's calming nature and it was such a safe space to be encouraged, supported and nurtured to be a bit better. I've emerged feeling more productive and closer to all my goals. Thank, Daire, and all the ladies who were involved!
Gemma Ray


Set the goal, get the goal. From dream to done deal.

You’ve probably been setting goals and resolutions for years, getting lacklustre results every time. Now is the moment to change that. These powerfully on-point goal-getting techniques will help you make your dreams and desires and actual reality… not just some pretty picture on your vision board.

✨ The ultimate tool to make REAL change happen

✨ Your unique (and highly aligned) roadmap to success

✨ Make your audacious goals a done deal

✨ Create your own cosmic rituals to support you as you go

All about that money, honey. Because we are wealthy witches.

Learning to heal and handle your money is fundamental. You will not become an abundant, affluent allstar by burying your head in the sand, holding onto crusty old beliefs, or setting someone else’s income targets. In this module, you’ll learn to mix a bespoke prosperity potion that works for YOU.

✨ Unmask (and VANQUISH) your personal money dramas

✨ Learn to love all things money, without guilt or judgement 

✨ Manage your money like a MACHINE

✨ Your limitless money-makers

Connected AF. Let’s rise together.

“No man is an island” is a commonly spouted quote that also happens to be true. If we choose community, connection and collaboration over competition, there is no limit to what you can achieve… BUT that can be scary if you’re new, pivoting, shy or introverted. Don’t worry – this module has you covered.

✨ The art of creating epic community online

✨ How to craft cosmic collaborations

✨ Your guide to communicating magnetically AF 

✨ Conquer your content, without all the crazy

Connected AF. Let’s also rise solita.

Connecting to others is important, but connecting to ourselves is too – we can’t use our network as a crutch. True power comes from within. In this module, you will learn how to truly trust yourself and every decision you make, no matter the circumstances, so you can create a business (and life) that is wildly, unshakably aligned.

✨ Uncover your priorities and your process 

✨ Make space for more mojo and magic

✨ A guide to intuitive action

✨ Create an unshakeable day… every day

Power Play. Create your signature “thing”.

Sick of seeing an ocean of competitors doing what you want to be doing? Worry no more! In this module, we’re going to work on creating fierce and fabulous products and services that are totally, completely YOURS. We’ll be stirring your special spice mix into your marketable skills and designing the most irresistible offers imaginable.

✨ Get clear on what people crave from you AND what you really want to offer them

✨ Mix your unique prosperity potion that blows minds left, right and centre

✨ Exceed expectations at every turn

✨ Create a fully aligned product suite you are head-over-heels in love with

You’re better than that. The smart girl’s guide to self-mastery.

You. Are. A. Leader. This module will give you everything you need to believe that, and cultivate your own expert-level identity. Integrate these lessons and watch yourself become the “go to”, most referred person in your bubble!

✨ What it really means to be a leader

✨ How to embody the energy of a true expert

✨ The logical levels of self-mastery

✨ Create an environment that supports your excellence

Boundaries, babe. Level up your relationships, level up your life.

Relationships are the foundation of any and every business, but they can get tangled FAST. In this module we’ll be diving into creating clear, kind boundaries that support your growth… so that you can let go of frustration, resentment, and all-consuming rage!

✨ Detox your inner judge and jury 

✨ Declutter your relationship scrapheap 

✨ Design and define stellar boundaries

✨ How to release the relationship junk that’s weighing you down

The self + the shadow. How to love the messiest, murkiest parts of yourself.

Nobody is perfect, and that’s ok. In this module, you’ll learn how to work with your own flaws, without descending into a spiral of self-sabotage or self-loathing. We’ll also have a stern word with that voice in your head, so that you stop holding yourself back from everything that’s possible for you.

✨ An introduction to shadow work 

✨ The difference between shadow, limiting beliefs, blocks and triggers 

✨ Shadow alchemy 101 

✨ The ULTIMATE self-love challenge

The identity of expansion. And how to get one.

You have the capacity for EVERYTHING, you just don’t see that yet. In this module, we’ll be working on expanding the limits of what you believe is possible so that you can start quantum leaping to next level results.

✨ A cure for your comparison

✨ Anchor your next level self 

✨ Strengthen your root, sacral and solar plexus  

✨ The big picture vision quest

Do the damn thing. How to create the life you keep saying you want.

Brilliance, belief, boundaries and business foundations will only get you so far – at some point you just have to do the work. And then show up and do the work again. In this module, you’ll be learning how to alchemise your own productivity playbook so that you can take inspired action on the reg, and have it feel fun, focused and easeful.

✨ Values x vision = Very Cosmic Bitch 

✨ Reinforce your heart chakra 

✨ The 10 types of procrastinator and how to defeat them

✨ Play with productivity and create your own powerful process

Be the original. Your choice, your voice.

Let’s get visible… VISIBLE! You can stand out in a way that feels “like you” and that’s what we’re going to be focusing on in this module. Why? Because THAT is how you get juicy, aligned clients to come to YOU.

✨ Conquer your clarity

✨ How to make your values visible 

✨ Idea hacks on crack

✨ Unleash your voice

Miracles. Now. Magic, majesty + manifestation.

We’ve covered all the practicalities of running a cosmic business – now it’s time for the untapped power of possibility. In this module, you’ll recognise and rediscover a bunch of ways to weave magic into the way you work, so that you can open yourself up beyond what you thought was “realistic” for you.

✨ Prime yourself for more magic 

✨ How to use the witchy in your cosmic business

✨ The spiritual laws of success

✨ A mini manifesting guide

Cosmic Bitch has changed my life. Yes. Actually. Daire's expert knowledge, support and incredible magic and teaching skills make this programme unlike anything I've ever experienced. I have almost always had buyer's regret when purchasing biz programmes, but I would buy this one a hundred times over. I am so grateful to you, Daire, for creating something so epic!
Darcie Kermode



8 instant access orientation lessons that will arm you will ALL the tools, tricks + techniques to start creating radical shifts in your own life starting today.


A growing library of meditations and hypnosis audios so that you can stay calm, stay focused and get ready to receive allll the amazing things coming your way.


Tapping scripts galore, to help you shift your brain junk and emotional funk right this second! 


Unlike other masterminds, if you sign up for one year, you are welcome to join ALL future live rounds at no extra cost. In other words, you get A FULL LIFETIME of transformation, no strings attached!


Everything you need to confidently and competently use your favourite oracle/tarot cards for practical guidance… for yourself and others!

I would definitely recommend working with Daire if you’re staring at the same old problems and can’t see a way through them that feels good. She has a big old tool bag of techniques that will help you see yourself and your life or business in a new way - that change of perspective is golden when you’re busy and bogged down by to-do lists. Daire will help you know your true self better and see where to focus your precious energy. Life has a precious number of minutes in it, and my session with Daire helped me see exactly how I want to spend mine.
Tamsin Crimmens



Very much about creating YOUR OWN BUSINESS and YOUR OWN LIFESTYLE that feel irresistible in every single way. Every single thing covered can be tweaked and tailored with ease.

Daily check-ins with me, everyone gets a chance to speak during our coaching calls, and once a month we have a chilled AF, roundtable style pyjama party.

Sees you as a whole human and therefore addresses allll of the things that will help you create the dream.

Single investment, lifetime access.


Rely on a clear framework, formula or strategy. If it doesn’t feel aligned or doesn’t work for your set of circumstances, you’re told you’re “not doing the work”.

Limited access to the programme leader. Calls more about pedestal-style “do as I say” coaching than connecting with the collective.

Deals with a specific area of your being (i.e. business OR mindset OR energetics OR marketing OR relationships OR self-care, etc, etc.)

Charged repeatedly if you want to stay in the container.



You’ll receive a welcome questionnaire that will help me get to know you and YOUR vision and style, so I can make sure I’m supporting you in the *most* aligned way.


You’ll get a link to our Cosmic Bitch calendar so you can book out all our coaching calls, expert experiences, pyjama parties and virtual retreats with a single click!


You’ll be granted your login to the Cosmic Bitch vault, where you will find all 8 of the potent orientation lessons available to you.


You’ll be welcomed into our secret Cosmic Bitch community so that you can start getting to know your new group of biz besties!


🌟 8x potent orientation lessons so that you can start create a change in your life starting TODAY.

🌟 12x vibes filled with bite-sized lessons so that you can easily and effortlessly implement and integrate all of the Cosmic Bitch curriculum.

🌟 A cosy community so that you always feel seen, heard and supported. Business can feel isolating, but it doesn’t need to!


🌟 Fortnightly (bi-weekly) coaching so that you can get real-time feedback and troubleshooting on whatever you’re struggling with (or magical help and inspiration to fuel whatever you’re planning in your business!)


🌟 Implementation challenges so that you actually get the most out of this programme. It’s easy to make these investments and then forget to actually show up and do the things to get results… these mini challenges will give you everything you need to follow through with your intentions.


🌟 Monthly pyjama parties so that you can feel properly connected to both me and the rest of the community (and just spend some time doing fun things every month!)


🌟 Monthly expert sessions so that you can experience allll kinds of magic faciltated by other powerful leaders, some training, some healing.


🌟 4x virtual retreats so that you can double down on the depth of the transformations you experience. These will be shaped around what you as a collective most desire to work on, meaning that you will be receiving EXACTLY what you need.


🌟 The space stack so that you have easy access to all the meditations and hypnosis audios that will help prime your mind for all those shifts and shake-ups.


🌟 The tapping stack full of EFT scripts, so that you can easily and efficiently dismantle any of the internal and external dramas you’re dealing with.


🌟 Access to all future live rounds so that you can continue the magic as you build, scale and grow!

Cosmic Bitch

*Pay in full*
£ 3,500 One and done payment!
  • 8x potent orientation lessons
  • 12x vibes filled with bite-sized lessons
  • Weekly implementation challenges
  • Fortnightly coaching + co-creation
  • Monthly expert experiences
  • Monthly pyjama parties
  • Exclusive meditations, hypnosis audios and EFT scripts
  • 12x cosmic card spreads for your business
  • Secret FB community
  • 4x transformational virtual retreats
  • Access to ALL future live rounds of Cosmic Bitch
  • Saving of £88

Cosmic Bitch

*6 Month Payment Plan*
£ 599 Monthly
  • Everything included in Cosmic Bitch
  • Access to ALL future live rounds of Cosmic Bitch
  • 6 easy monthly payments
Top choice!

Cosmic Bitch

*12 Month Payment Plan*
£ 299 Monthly
  • Everything included in Cosmic Bitch
  • Access to ALL future live rounds of Cosmic Bitch
  • 12 easy monthly payments

Upgrade to Very Cosmic Bitch status

*Very* Cosmic Bitch

*Pay in full*
£ 5,000 One and done payment!
  • Everything included in Cosmic Bitch
  • 12x 60 min 1:1 coaching calls
  • Weekly Voxer coaching for 12 months!
  • Access to ALL future live rounds of Cosmic Bitch
  • Saving of £988

*Very* Cosmic Bitch

*6 Month Payment Plan*
£ 899 Monthly
  • Everything included in Cosmic Bitch
  • 12x 60 min 1:1 coaching calls
  • Weekly Voxer coaching for 12 months!
  • Access to ALL future live rounds of Cosmic Bitch
  • 6 easy monthly payments

*Very* Cosmic Bitch

*12 Month Payment Plan*
£ 499 Monthly
  • Everything included in Cosmic Bitch
  • 12x 60 min 1:1 coaching calls
  • Weekly Voxer coaching for 12 months!
  • Access to ALL future live rounds of Cosmic Bitch
  • 12 easy monthly payments
I had the opportunity and privilege of working with Daire when I needed a confidence and mindset boost! My business was at a lull and I didn't fully believe in myself when we first met. Through deep healing and NLP techniques Daire has helped me to release feeling "not enough" and "success is hard" as well as step into the most confident version of myself. My business has since exploded. I've come up with a new program that has sold out not once but twice and I feel like a brand new woman. Thank you so much, Daire, for guiding me to the badass Cosmic Bitch that has been inside me this whole time!
Amanda Bybel


Yes! You will receive regular love from me our secret Facebook community, as well has 1:1 coaching support during our group calls. If you crave more in depth and intensive 1:1 support the Very Cosmic Bitch upgrade is for you! With it, you’ll unlock a monthly 1:1 call with me AND Voxer support to last a whole year!

I am not teaching astrology in Cosmic Bitch. I’ve used the signs of the zodiac to inspire the structure of the programme. You do not need to be into astrology to benefit from this experience, but to enjoy it, you’ll need to be open to whimsy and magic.

Cosmic Bitch has been designed holistically to give you everything you need in order to create a brilliant business AND a balanced lifestyle. If you discard whole chunks of the curriculum, you won’t see those results.

Each month you will unlock one vibe, containing bite-sized lessons. To watch and implement all of the training it should take an estimate of 90mins – 3hrs per month.

Each week there will be a call – some of these are group coaching sessions, some are pyjama parties, some are expert trainings. These will be 60-90mins long. All of these are optional.

You will receive an implementation challenge each week, which should take no longer than 10 minutes for you to act on.

There are 8 instant-access lessons in the orientation section:

  • Warrior Vibes
  • Reclaim your time, reclaim your mind
  • Conquer the clutter
  • Reconnect + recalibrate
  • Unshakeable journaling
  • Tap into success
  • Flow, baby!
  • Get elemental
  • Hypnosis for grounding
  • Cord cutting meditation
  • The big picture vision quest
  • Rehearse your expansive future
  • “Unleash your magic” meditation
  • Focus meditation
  • Manifesting meditation
  • Meditation for stress or anxiety
  • Forgiveness meditation
  • Hypnosis to get you through times of chaos and change
  • Hypnosis to sell out your next launch
  • The descent of Inanna
  • Tap out of uncertainty and into inner strength
  • Tap out of paralysis and into a new phase
  • Tap into feminine flow
  • Tap out of inner and outier conflict and into personal power
  • Tap out of money stress and into abundance
  • Tap into your lioness power
  • Tap out of isolation + into connection
  • Tap out of feeling overwhelmed by your goals
  • Tap into sales confidence
  • I’m overwhelmed and have too much to do
  • I’m not making sales
  • I want to believe in my own magic
  • I want to manifest £5k
  • I want to manifest miracles
  • I want a good night’s sleep

Everything you need to confidently and competently use your favourite oracle/tarot cards to:

  1. Clarify your vision
  2. Boost your boundaries
  3. Revamp your visibility
  4. Have an unshakeable day
  5. Call in maximum confidence
  6. Get back into alignment
  7. Create results stat
  8. Find the fun in your work (or life)
  9. Illuminate your shadows
  10. Accelerate the way you communicate authentically
  11. Live a launch you love
  12. Claim pure prosperity

When I say that this is the gift that keeps on giving, I am not exaggerating! I can’t wait for you to open up to alll that is possible for you!

There is no additional cost! You invest once and you’re in for as long as you like!

No, due to the digital and downloadable nature of the content. To paraphrase my bestie, Cosmic Bitches don’t need refunds, they’re too busy getting results.

Absolutely. Everyone who joins the mastermind will receive access to our affiliate programme!

No. If you opt for the payment plan, you will be billed once a month for 12 months.

I mean that for as long as Cosmic Bitch exists, you will have access.

Please feel free to email with any additional questions

Before my coaching session with Daire, I felt as though there weren’t enough hours in the day. Every single day I felt as though I was rushing from one task to the next; my schedule was controlling me, rather than me being in control of my schedule. My session with Daire completely changed the way I look at my time and my task list, and address a long standing issue I have about feeling guilty for not being ultra-productive 100% of the time. Before my session, it wasn’t unusual for me to be working 10 hours a day, 6 or 7 days a week (sometimes a lot more!), whereas now I am working a maximum of 5 hours a day for 5 days per week, but without a reduction in income. I’m less stressed, have more time to play with my children, have found time for exercise and even hobbies (I read a whole book last week), and with all of this happening after just one coaching session, I obviously HAD to sign up to Daire’s Cosmic Bitch programme (and am loving it!). I can’t recommend Daire’s coaching enough, and also can’t thank her enough for all her amazing help and support.
Gemma Pybus

Clients who have experienced one single coaching call with me have had results like:

  • 2x, 5x and 10x-ing their investment within a month
  • Ending a toxic relationship and calling in a soulmate
  • Creating super aligned collaborations they’d been dreaming of for years
  • Finishing the book they’d been procrastinating over writing
  • Burning down product ideas that felt icky, and creating (and selling out!) a program that felt juicy AF
  • Taking action on goals they’ve secretly had for years
  • Securing SIX podcast interviews in 2 days
  • Launching a brand new membership program and hitting the sales goal within 2 weeks
  • Getting paid in advance by THREE new clients
  • Recommitting to their marriage (and feeling good about it)