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Let’s be real – digital content is draining your brain.

You’ve followed the influencers, fumbled with frameworks, tested the tools and one thing is clear…

You’re lost in the busy-work and seeing next to no return on all that effort.

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Helps you stand out from the endless people who do what you do

Let me explain why showing up consistently and strategically should be a priority.


4,352,917 blog posts have been published today alone.

300 hours of video was uploaded to YouTube in the past 60 seconds.

400 million people share Instagram Stories every single day.

100 million hours worth of video was viewed on Facebook yesterday.

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There’s a whole lot of information out there online. It’s your job to cut through the noise and make yours stand out. And you’ll never do that without smarts, strategy, and a stash of content hacks.

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For the most part, in business, you’re trying to attract people you don’t know (#strangerdanger aside). That means you need to create killer relationships… often without the people in question having *actually* met you.

Digital content is how you do that. If you show up every single day, sharing an on-point message in a fun, dynamic way, you’re on the yellow brick road to glory, trust me.

You see, the problem with society is that everyone is always attached to their phones… but that presents us business-owning types with a unique opportunity to connect.

If you do this stuff right, your dream clients will see more from you than they do from their “real life” friends… and it will be stuff that’s more insightful, more inspiring and more interesting.

That right there is how you inspire the love and loyalty that turns casual followers into rabidly enthusiastic buyers.

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Weaving the perks and quirks of your personality into everything you do is THE thing that will help you stand out from the competition. It’s the thing that makes people think… I love HER. SHE is the one I want.

That’s the kind of reaction you want to inspire… but you will only be able to communicate all that magic if supercharge your visibility. Otherwise, you could be the best person, with the best experience and the best offers… and nobody will ever know.

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The Content Arsenal is a fantastic resource that any serious business owner should subscribe to. I love the weekly content plans – perfect for when you’re juggling everything in your business.

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Join today and you’ll get instant access to:

Content Conquered System
Monthly pep talks
The Digital Drills
Support from The Bomb Squad
The Weapons Chest
Kick Content As-ana
Content Arsenal - value breakdown

Join today for just £33 a month

OR upgrade to The Warrior Package

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Not *only* do you get in on all the great stuff above, but you also get:
  • A monthly 60-minute coaching call with yours truly, where we can work together on building your online presence.
  • Unlimited email support from me.
  • No-excuses accountability exercises from me every single week.

And for right now, you can grab your place for just £199 a month. That’s roughly a third of the cost of my regular coaching package #justsaying

But you should know that I’m only opening up 8 warrior spots, and because they’re currently available at a bargain rate, I expect them to go. Fast.


I needed help. Despite the fact I write words for a living, I often struggle with writing content. I have lots to say and I love nothing more than rambling on and on in word form, but I don’t think that’s what potential clients are looking for. I joined Daire’s Content Arsenal to learn more about this style of writing and I hoped that I’d get more ideas about what to write and when. I got more than I bargained for. A lot more. Daire covers every possible medium, she knows the best way to approach each medium and alongside content plans, ideas and instructions, there are step-by-step guides, Q&A sessions and quite literally, a lifetime of content wisdom just waiting for you to devour. Daire leads by example and you only need to check out her innovative, entertaining and informative words to see that she is, without a doubt, the Content Queen.

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You’ve probably bought all the courses, “invested in yourself” in the hope that the guru voodoo will rub off and inhaled “how to” posts until you can’t possibly absorb any more…

But you don’t need fast-action frameworks, keys to vague success, or winning one-size-fits-all workflows.

You need The Content Arsenal.


  • How to FOCUS, and channel your energy into the most impactful activities
  • How to weave the perks and quirks of your personality into every piece of content
  • How to attract the right kind of people into your virtual network
  • How to turn those “right people” into happy customers (i.e. convert all your efforts)


I was really struggling with how to make sure my authentic voice was not being drowned out in this huge online world. This course provided me with tips and strategies I was able to implement IMMEDIATELY in order to make my message and my brand stand out.




I’m Daire Paddy (that’s pronounced Dara, and no I’m not Irish, thanks for asking).

I’m a content strategist and visibility coach for brilliant business owners who don’t quite understand how to create a bulletproof personal brand and/or get the biggest bang from the online activity.

I created The Content Arsenal because I saw the need. I saw so many inspired entrepreneurial types hiding from the spotlight and drowning in overwhelm, and I wanted to put a stop to it.

This is not about doing EVERYTHING. This is about figuring out the right fit for your brain and your business, then doing that thing insanely well.

Being in the Content Arsenal has taken me out of that place of doing zero because I was just too overwhelmed with it all… and to a place of knowing I can, having the tools and having a friendly expert on hand.

Daire breaks it all down and gives you bite sizes that are just the right size to get you through to the other side of whichever thing you are working on.

Knowing that Daire is there to help, guide and kick butt is, well, just what I needed.
She is incredibly talented and loves what she does, it’s a pleasure to be around her.

One of Daire’s superpowers is writing in your own personality, which I’m now able to do with confidence. Of course, I don’t always get it right, but I know what I’m aiming for. It might take me longer than the expert, but I do get there!

In short, Daire takes the wtf out of creating content and makes it a xoxo experience 


Imagine being THE person who does what you do.

Imagine waking up to the ping, ping, ping of payment notifications.

Imagine having the answer to every digital dilemma.

If you’re ready for all this and more, The Content Arsenal is for you.


Join today!