Let me ask you a question…

Have you spent the last *however many years you’ve been in business* wishing you could:

** Have some of that fun + freedom you thought was coming the moment you quit your day job

** Shine a spotlight on your work + your message without overwhelm and/or tumbleweed

** Sell your stuff, without feeling like you’re selling your SOUL

Yeah… me too. On every single count.

Chill time, visibility shifts and money makin’ have been my three areas of focus this year, and over the summer I want to seriously STEP IT UP.

Oh, and I’m inviting you to join me.

Allow me to introduce Chill — Change — Cha-ching > A 90-day challenge designed to help you slay every step

For the whole of the summer (i.e. the next 3 months), every single day, we’ll be committing to making one move closer to:

  • work/life rhythms that help you relax + rejuvenate
  • amped up (yet relatively effortless) visibility
  • the magic of making more money

>>> Click here to join me <<

This is going to be a seriously high-vibe experience filled to the brim with accountability, support, a whole bunch of inspired resources, and most importantly FUN. For just £1 a day.

This is NOT designed for freebie magpies, half-arsers or anyone not sure if they really want to do the work. We’re gonna be making some serious magic and I want to see some dedication.

>>> Still interested? Join here. <<<

We kick off July 9th so if you’re interested, get that arse in gear and sign up today!