Introducing… the episode of Your Biz, Your Rules where I truly embarrass myself.

(For real, I was pretty nervous and caffeinated when I recorded this one so expect the MADNESS.)

As well as hysteria, you’ll be getting some truly excellent tips for leveraging Instagram (and your other content, to be fair) to boost your brand.

Listen here:

The key takeaways:

💛 Being visible can be super uncomfortable to start with,

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Have I mentioned that I’m kind of obsessed with Instagram Stories? Well, Instagram in general if we’re being honest.

But Stories. I mean:

  • They’re given a ton of priority by Instagram’s algorithm (meaning more eyes on your stuff).
  • They’re ephemeral, meaning they disappear, meaning that if you’re not loving something you put out there… it doesn’t really matter. It’ll be gone soon.
  • They’re FUN. I like fun.

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Micro-content, as you might surmise, is tiny bites of content. This can come in any format (as this article will explore) but they will all have one important thing in common – these little nuggets of knowledge will ALL be easy to digest. No choking or blocked pipes here.

I’m sure you will hear many a marketing guru promise that micro-content is the next big thing because all our readers are too busy/overwhelmed/time poor/lazy to cope with anything that requires a bit of effort.

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