Book Your Best Client

for coaches, healers and (exhausted) online service providers

February 15th – 19th

Connect with + claim the well-paying, well-behaving clients of your dreams!

Join me for this 5-day coaching series and together we will:

💫 Drag you out of Draining Client Central.

💫 Create a client container you are *wildly* excited to sell.

💫 Deal with your doubts of your own hireability.

💫 Call in clients that give you that deep, soul level, HELL YES.     

💫 Book your next BEST client. Now             

Hi! I’m Daire,

the brain + biz coach for coaches, healers and BTS bitches who want to unlock their next income level and unleash the work they were born to be doing, without sacrificing the chilled out life they crave.