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  • Everything I hate about biz books

    Everything I hate about biz books

    This post started a few months ago, with a little Amazon sale – an event that always ends with a shit ton of biz books and trashy novels on my Kindle and doorstep. Because it doesn’t count if they’re 99p, obvs. I remember thinking “YES!”, I can review all of these awesome business books and […]


  • The writer’s toolkit – taking it offline

    The writer's toolkit - taking it offline

    So we’ve already delved into the world of apps and online goodies to support your writing habit – today it’s all about offline tools. I’m pretty retro with my approach to writing – everything hits a piece of paper before I take it to the keyboard. For me, the words flow better that way. My […]


  • The writer’s toolkit – the online edition

    The writer's toolkit - the online edition

    When it comes to writing (or any creative practice really), having a top notch toolkit to rely on helps IMMENSELY. Today I want to talk specifically about those online tools that can make the experience (as well as the output) that much better. Evernote For capturing ideas on the go, Evernote is my No. 1. […]


  • Stay creative, take a break

    Stay creative, take a break

    As super-busy, butterfly-brain types, we don’t like to let things go. We like to be switched on 24/7, constantly coming up with amazing content, and sparkly new ideas. But do you know what? That’s a bad idea. I’m guilty of it myself – I work long hours, have a house to take care of, and […]


  • How to perfect your paragraphs

    How to perfect your paragraphs

    Any piece of written content should be snapped up into paragraphs, and not just to make your copy scannable.  But how do you write the right paragraphs? I remember back in school, we were always told to pee with our paragraphs, or pee on them… one of the two. And no, I’m not talking about […]


  • How to reclaim your creative space

    How to reclaim your creative space

    If you work in a creative industry, or have a creative hobby, you will understand how important it is to have your own creative space. It might be your desk, it might be one side of your dining room table, it might be a chest of drawers in the corner of your living room or […]