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  • 7 ways to craft a compelling intro

    7 ways to craft a compelling intro

    So why does every damn thing your write need a compelling intro? This is the age of information. We have access to so. much. stuff. If we read the first couple of lines and aren’t hooked, we’re just going to sack it off and find something better. Harsh? Perhaps. But it’s also true. You owe […]


  • How NOT to look like a total amateur online

    How NOT to look like a total amateur online

    One of the best things about the internet is that it gives pretty much everyone a platform. Everybody gets to have a voice – but that brings along its own irritant – sloppy writing. Yesterday, I started a discussion in three of my favourite Facebook groups (The Freelance Lifestylers, Brilliance Ignition and Simply Smart Social), […]


  • 5 ways to beat that writer’s block

    We all feel it sometimes, whether we’re bloggers, authors, teachers or office lackeys. Sometimes the words just don’t come. And for some people, it’s no big deal. If you write as a hobby, it’s ok if you can’t squeeze out some copy. Not brilliant, but your livelihood doesn’t depend on it or anything. I am […]


  • Let’s just do nothing

    Let's just do nothing

    In the online world, there’s an overwhelming pressure to do it all. We can never just do nothing. We have to be visible, on our sites, on social media, in our groups, in our inbox. We have to consistently churn out content. We have to take care of all the behind-the-scenes operational crap. We have […]


  • Smart research for busy writers

    When you write anything, whether it’s for your business or not, you should have the knowledge to back it up. Grounding your written content with cold hard evidence makes you instantly more believable… even if you’re blabbing about the nutritional benefit of an oreo-only diet. Dropping in a relevant stat, quote or reference really adds […]


  • 9 headline scripts for your swipe file

    9 headline scripts for your swipe file

    Before we get into it, I want you to head over to Feedly, Pinterest, your inbox, or wherever you choose to keep track of your favourite blogs. Take a moment to browse, clicking through to 5 – 10 posts that catch your eye. Leave those tabs open, and we’ll come back to them later. We […]