let's start by talking about the *ultimate* upgrade,

My very favourite way to work with people is in a 1:1 capacity – and I currently have a few spaces available.

My 1:1 containers are not for everybody. I am only available to go deep, and give my all, if you are willing to commit to the same. That means being open to trying things differently. That means taking action on the ideas we co-create. That means holding yourself to a standard of excellence.

If that sounds like something you’re on board with, and you’d like to commit, DM me on Instagram and we’ll talk through your options.


This is one of my very favourite tapping scripts. It’s perfect for when you’re feeling activated and also for when you need to release some tension stat. Take a look here.

If how to ground yourself or how to cultivate inner strength are a priority for you, listen to this root chakra hypnosis now.

6 audio activations for the leader who is ready to step the f*ck up (and make more money). Download here.

Rewire your mind and recalibrate your energy with a year’s worth of potent, intentional journal prompts. Swipe them here.

A whole year’s worth of tapping scripts, including (but not limited to):

  • Tapping for abundance, manifestation + financial wins
  • Tapping for confidence and visibility
  • Tapping to release limiting beliefs + stories
  • Tapping to calm your nervous system
  • Tapping to have your best ideas ever
  • Tapping to strengthen your relationships

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You’ll walk away from this self-study programme with:

  • What it really looks and feels like to be aligned with your goals (guaranteed it’s not what you think!)
  • TWO potent healing practices you can take away and use on yourself again and again.
  • A concrete blueprint to bring you back into alignment on command.
  • A diagnostic tool to identify your own blocks or limitations (so you can do something about them!)

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We all have those moments where something feels “off”. Like things are a bit sticky, or frustrating, or we’re going through the motions and can’t quite put our fingers on what’s wrong…

This self-study hypnosis programme will arm you with everything you need to deal with those dramas (and more!)

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A self-study programme for ambitious business owners.

Together we are going to explore and transmute the 5 most limiting emotions to plague humankind. Not by simply “releasing” them, or smothering them in affirmations, but by acknowledging them, working them, transmuting them into something that we can use to fuel our next move.

Because – and let me be clear – it is unreasonable to expect to free yourself from all negative/destructive/limiting emotions. They are part of the human experience. They always have been. What I am teaching you here is how to stop your emotional state from sabotaging your business growth and instead to start using it as something that creates magic, depth and work that changes lives.

We’ll be blending conscious, unsconscious and somatic work to create sustained shifts in your world…  I am simply not interested in any other kind!

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If you want to call in more cash quickly, work through this tapping script now.

Get ready for your launch and make more sales with ease by listening to this hypnosis audio daily.

It might seem like the online world (hell, the whole world) is spiralling, but do you know what? You are adaptable. You are smart. You are resilient. You are creative. And you can DO THIS.

With this workshop, you will be creating a brand new income stream (maybe 2!) that you can take out and start selling straight away!

If you continuously feel like you’re making compromises when you book clients, you’ll want to dive into this STAT

Through 10 micro lessons I’ll give you everything you need to release the “shoulds” that have been keeping you stuck, and step into being the architect of your own success.

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3x intensives of your choice! Pick between powerful, personalised breathwork sessions, or emotional freedom calls during which we co-create a batch of EFT/tapping scripts for you to use again and again.

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Rewire your mind and recalibrate your energy to receive all the cash you crave,

without burning yourself out, or bending over backwards to follow strategies that don’t work for you… in just 33 days. 

Unapologetic Wealth is a 33-day audio programme that will give you all the tools you need to train your brain and release any outdated beliefs and blocks that are keeping you at the status quo.


This digital bullet journal with a twist will make it so much easier for you to:

✔️ Have a monthly review so you can reflect on what’s gone well and what needs improving

✔️ Outline weekly tasks to stay on track to hit your goals

✔️ Maintain a daily gratitude practice to keep the vibe high

It also comes with a handy video training to show you how to get the most out of your planner.

Download it here.

This is the perfect EFT script for those moments when you’re feeling overwhelmed by everything on your to do list – like there’s just no way you can ever get it all done. Click here for access.

It’s time to tap into possibility and get clear on what you want! This goal setting hypnosis is the first step on the path to achieve your life goals (and business intentions).

In most goal-setting training, we’re told to dream big. We’re told to create an expansive vision. And that can be really exciting and inspiring, but it can also leave us feeling paralysed. When a goal feels “too big” we can just stop taking action, which makes it feel more distant than ever. This script will close that gap, so instead of feeling overwhelmed by your vision, you’ll feel excited by your goals!

Unshakeable Goals is a simple-yet-powerful audio series designed to help you get ready for the best year ahead (and beyond).

This is NOT the same tried, tested, tired AF goal-setting session.

This is NOT all work and no play (because life impacts business and vice versa).

This is NOT a lot of theory and no action.

This is a life-changing resource that will forever shake up the way you shape your dreams, show up in the world and shed what doesn’t serve you.

There’s an equal weight on planning and implementation. It’s not enough to“feel positive” about your goals.

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The Tripswitch is a 90-min game-changer of a session.

We will start by getting meta and reviewing how you are physically and mentally spending your time every day, and then, using the powerful modalities of NLP, EFT, Hypnosis and T.I.M.E. techniques we will shift the beliefs that are keeping you caught in this spiral, before creating a highly practical action plan for you to see these changes through.

Take a look at all the info and sign up here.


Use these content ideas for email marketing, for your podcast, for your livestreams, for your Instagram Stories… wherever you need extra content inspiration!

Are you struggling to craft compelling titles for your content? If yes, I’ve got you covered!

Download my swipe file of headline templates here.

If you feel like creating killer content to promote your business takes every scrap of time and energy you have… this guide is for you.

Get your claws into my stash of templates for content creators, including:

▶️ Your annual content plan

▶️ Your content batching workflow tracker

▶️ Your monthly Instagram planner (including daily prompts)

▶️ Your Livestream Planner

▶️ Your Email Sequence Planner

▶️ Your Content Library

Grab them here.

The self-study bootcamp to help you hone a content creation and distribution system that works for your business, your personality and your goals!

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Here’s what you can expect from this journaling tutorial:

🖊️ A guide to journal scripting – a powerful journaling technique to help you achieve your goals

🖊️ A specific step-by-step of what to do when you wake up in a bad mood

🖊️ A new habit that will change the way you feel about your life

Watch here.

If you’ve been burning yourself out, working too hard or sacrificing your health and personal goals, this tapping video is for you. It’s one of my favourite scripts from my “tapping for people pleaser” stash – enjoy!

Access the script here.

If you’re plagued by self-doubt, always second guessing your own capabilities, this one is for you. Start tapping here.

This masterclass series will walk you through:

  • Updating + upgrading your evergreen products
  • Getting you excited about things you’ve talked about 1,000 times
  • Simple, spacious strategies to make daily sales the norm

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This epic 90-min reading will give you a tangible plan of attack for the next 6 months in your life and business. Trust me when I say they are worth MY weight in gold.

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This 4 week programme designed to help you shake up the way you operate as a coach.

In our world, we’re taught how to “succeed”. Often, those teachings and behaviours are highly toxic, rooted in patriarchal thinking, harmful at best. 

It’s not uncommon for people to invest in coaching experiences which, by the end of the container, leave them feeling more hurt, more lost, more afraid, and more alone than they ever did before.

THAT is something I want to bring an end to with The Standard of Excellence. This is about upgrading the industry norms, by doing better and modelling better.

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The 8-week hypnobreathwork programme designed to get you feeling UNSTOPPABLE in your business (and your life!)

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A powerful membership for coaches, healers and online service providers dedicated to personal expansion and professional transformation, delivered through a potent (enjoyable) combo of proven business strategy and unforgettable mindset, energetic and spiritual management.

Find the breakdown of everything included here.