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Welcome to Episode 2.40 of Your Biz, Your Rules. In this episode, I am sharing with you my everyday journaling routine! 

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💛 My journalling journey/history

💛 How I journal each day

💛 Different ways to journal

Show notes:

Welcome to Episode 2.40 of Your Biz, Your Rules. In this episode, I am sharing with you my everyday journaling routine! 

As most of you will already know, I’m a diehard journaler and I have been on and off for most of my life. My relationship with journalling has definitely changed.

When I was young I had a diary and used it as a way to chronicle my days and keep my secrets in a “Dear Diary” kind of style. As I got older, the purpose of my journalling practice evolved and it also became a place to facilitate growth and expansion in my world.

There are many different ways to journal and none of them are “correct” or “incorrect”, the only thing to consider is…is it helping you with your particular struggle? The purpose of journalling is what you need to connect back to.

I’m going to share with you how I journal but how I journal changes because my needs fluctuate, but I am going to share the practices I seem to bounce between.

Morning pages

This is the one thing that I do without fail, every single day.

Morning pages isn’t anything new but it was really brought to light by Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way.

This, for me, has probably been the biggest game-changer because it’s really helped me get to fully know myself. And when you fully know yourself, you know what you need.

Morning pages is where I usually have my best downloads and ideas.

If you’re not sure about how to start your morning pages, start page one with the words, “I’m thinking…”, start page two with the words, “I’m feeling…”, and start page three with the words, “I’m doing…”

Rewriting my list of goals

This is super simple – I just rewrite the goals that I’m currently working on in a bullet-point list.

The great thing about this is that my goals are then the last thing on my mind before I end my journalling practice and start my work day. Because of this, I usually do this after I’ve finished my morning pages.


I love to use scripting in my journalling practice.

Scripting is the practice of writing out your goals as if you already have them. I get really clear on a series of goal statements, then I write them out in present tense but as single-line statements, and finally, I close my eyes and repeat those words over and over to myself (this can be out loud or in my mind).

Using prompts

I use prompts all of the time when I’m journalling because it brings more focus to my journalling practice.

Prompts are great if you want to use journaling for personal development, business growth, healing, expansion, etc.

There are so many different places where you can find journal prompts including Instagram accounts, cards, etc. I use the prompts from Unshakeable Journaling 365. And even though I’ve been through these prompts multiple times, something new comes up for me each time I do them.

The Planner Practice

I will grab a pen and paper and write down:

  • 3 things I’m grateful for
  • 3 things I’m excited for
  • 3 priorities for the day
  • 3 things I’m open to

This allows me to feel into the positivity and abundance that is already around me and helps me stay motivated by focusing on what I’m excited about. My three priorities are my non-negotiables for the day – the three things that, no matter what, I will get done today. Three things I’m open to allows me to play in the realm of possibilities and be really expansive.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, you can see here that there are soooo many ways to journal effectively and see very tangible results. It’s not just a handy self-care practice that looks good on Instagram – it’s a powerful and effective tool!

Your Challenge:

I want to challenge you to take something from this episode (anything) and use it to spark action use it to activate some kind of change in the way you work in the way you live.

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