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Getting featured on someone’s podcast, live show or interview series is such a brilliant way to reach new audiences, anchor your authority and start being seen as a smart, unique voice in your field… You don’t need me to tell you that.

(If you’ve made it a priority to get on as many podcasts as possible, you already know!)

But where you might be missing a trick is in what you do after you’ve been featured on someone’s podcast… because the authority building doesn’t stop there.

You only make that impact, you only see that growth, if plenty of people listen to what you have to say and do something with that information. This is one of the reasons that I always recommend making time to build a buzz around every guest feature.

The other, is that it’s just good etiquette. If someone else (i.e. the podcast host) is taking the time/money/energy to produce a show and share your magic with their people, spreading the word yourself is simply polite. It makes the whole process feel more equal, which does wonders for building long term relationships with your peers.

In this guide, I’m sharing 40+ simple suggestions to help you make the biggest splash with every podcast interview.

They’ll probably be skewed more towards the platforms I use myself (Instagram) but you can use your creative license here to make them work for whatever you prefer. Every single one of these tips can also be applied to any other kind of feature or collaboration.

How to start promoting your podcast interviews

  • Create a “features” page on your website, that links to all the episodes you’ve been featured on.
  • Put together a Spotify playlist filled with podcast episodes where you have been a guest.
  • Make a “features” guide in your Facebook group, so memebers can easily have a binge.
  • Create a blog post template that you can use for all future podcast interviews. It doesn’t have to be anything complex, you could even steal this:
    • Title: reword the episode title to make it sound extra clickable
    • 2-3 opening questions: help people self-identify if this is right for them
    • “Listen here” subheading
    • Embed the podcast episode
    • 3-5 bulletpoints: what they can expect if they listen
    • The “bio” of the show, with a link to the episode
    • A call to action based on the topic of the interview
    • “Listen here” subheading
    • Embed the podcast episode

Promote your podcast interviews with email

  • Add a link to your email signature, but be smart about it. Give them an outcome-based incentive to click and listen. For example, instead of “listen to my interview on Your Biz, Your Rules” say “swipe my favourite self-care practice (for free!)”.
  • Add a link to your autoresponder, if you have one. To make this even easier to manage, link to your features page or Spotify list, rather than the individual interviews.
  • Send out an email the day the episode goes live, sharing how it felt to be asked to be a guest on the show, and why you were so excited to say yes. You could also share a snippet of what surprised you about the conversation that took place.
  • Send out a reminder email a few days later, sharing the link and 3-5 bulletpoints of what people can expect if they listen.
  • If you have a weekly or monthly newsletter that includes different sections, add one for recent features, and pop the episode in there. Write a couple of lines about it if you can, rather than simply copying and pasting the title.

Promote your podcast interviews on Instagram


  • Share the main episode artwork in your grid, announcing the interview. Share a couple of bulletpoints about what to expect from the episode.
  • Share one of your own quotes from the episode, with a little bit of an elaboration on why you believe that to be true.
  • Share one of the podcast host’s quotes from the episode, explaining why it made such an impact on your (or why you believe it’s so important for your audience to acknowledge).
  • Create a carousel that acts as a gallery of your favourite moments from the episode. You could use quote graphics, video clips, or screenshots of your notes app, it doesn’t have to be fancy.
  • Create a carousel based on one of the tips you gave in the episode.

Promote your podcast interviews in Instagram Stories

  • Share all of the posts and carousels you publish to your Instagram Stories.
  • Find the episode on Spotify and use the share button to post it into your Instagram Stories.
  • Take a screenshot of the episode in your pod player of choice, and add a poll asking if people have listened yet. If they say “not yet”, send them the direct link.
  • Do a F2C (face to camera) Story sharing that the episode has gone live and why you think it’s worth a listen.
  • Do a F2C Story giving an overview of the podcast as a whole, before reminding people about the episode.
  • Do a F2C Story listing out those 3-5 bullet points of what your audience can expect from the show.
  • Do a F2C Story talking about one of the tips given in the episode, and how it will impact your audience.
  • Do a F2C Story and ask a self-identifying question that relates to the episode, before introducing your interview as the resource that will help.
  • Do a text-only version of any of the F2C Stories above.
  • Screenrecord one or two of your favourite moments from your interview.
  • Share any of the graphics or clips the podcast host sent to you.
  • Use the “Questions” sticker to ask people for their biggest a-ha moment.
  • Use the “Questions” sticker to follow up on a CTA from the episode.
  • Cross post any content shared by the podcast host

Promote your podcast interviews using Reels

  • Turn any of your Stories into a Reel.
  • Turn any of your carousels into a Reel.
  • Record yourself reacting to one of your favourite moments from the show.
  • Record a timelapse of you working, with a quote from the show on screen OR audio from the show in the background.
  • Record yourself sharing 3 tips or takeaways from the episode.
  • Screen record moments from the episode where you share your best quotes.
  • Share a long form (static) quote with a 3 second video clip behind it.
  • Lip sync a song or funny audio that relates to something you talked about on the show, and then elaborate in the caption.

Bonus tips for promoting your podcast interviews

  • Think about any other spots where you have a presence, and try to promote your interview in all of those places at least once. If you have a Facebook, that might be a quick post. If you go live regularly, maybe you reference it when you’re talking about something similar. If you have a YouTube channel, maybe you add it to the description boxes of relevant videos.
  • Don’t limit yourself to only sharing your interviews the week they go live. Keep the link and some notes in your phone so you can easily share it when that topic comes up again, or maybe just do occasional “throwback thursday” style posts where you bring old feature out of the archives.
  • Get yourself a transcript. Chances are you said some really great stuff during that interview… that’s another source of content ideas you can build on in the future. You could elaborate on them to create posts, carousels, lives, trainings… don’t miss out on that goldmine.

Hopefully this has given you some inspiration to get you sharing all those brilliant podcast interviews you’re getting featured in…

If you have any of your own promo ideas you think should be on this list, drop me a DM and I’ll update this guide!