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Welcome to Episode 2.29 of Your Biz, Your Rules. In this show, I’m going to be revealing the real secret to manifesting everything you want, not just in your business, but in your life too!

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💛 What is Manifestation?

💛 Manifesting “Mistakes”

💛 The real secret to Manifesting

Show notes:

Welcome to Episode 2.29 of Your Biz, Your Rules. In this show, I’m going to be revealing the real secret to manifesting everything you want, not just in your business, but in your life too!

This week, we are going to be talking about manifesting and I know that is a bit of a buzzword that people either love or they hate for many a reason.

I know that I have had a very up-and-down relationship with manifesting and we will get to that as we dive into what I want to discuss today.

What is your current relationship with manifesting? Are you a fan? Are you a sceptic? Are you somewhere in the middle? Let me know. I want to hear from you.

What is Manifesting?

So let’s start at the very beginning. Manifesting in its most simple definition is simply making your desires a reality. That’s it. That’s what manifesting is. And I think that people often forget that – people often think that manifesting is some crazy hippie dippie magical phenomenon that is much more complicated. But it’s not.

If you look up the definition, Manifesting is simply making your desires a reality. Or, if we’re going to be even more accurate, it is making something abstract a reality.

Manifestation “Mistakes”

Now, if you hear anyone who isn’t me talk about the mistakes that you’re making with manifesting, it’s probably going to hit on one of a few different areas.

So it might be related to the specificity of your manifestation. So are you being too specific? Are you being too non-specific? Are you trying to visualise your outcome with too much detail? Are you being too vague?

That’s not really what’s important.

Equally, it might be that you’re too attached to your outcome or you’re too detached from your outcome. Again, not really the problem.

It might be that you should be repeating your goal or your desire again and again, or it could be that you should be making your goal more novel, and more exciting. It could be that you should be associated with your goals so that when you visualise it, you see it as though you have achieved it. Or it could be that you’re supposed to be dissociating and like seeing yourself in the picture. It could be that you should be seeing and feeling yourself have the thing now.

But there are all of these different things and I actually call bullshit on a lot of this.

So I’ve seen all of the different options that I’ve just mentioned, work for some people. We all think, we all feel, we all act so differently, it makes sense that different methods of manifestation would work for different people.

Much like fitness! People have different body types. Therefore they need different types of exercise and different types of nutrition.

It is exactly the same for manifestation but for some reason, it’s like we’ve decided that there is a formula that we ALL have to follow if we want to manifest our goals.


The real missing piece is not how you have tried to manifest, it’s more likely to be what you believe about manifesting.

The Biggest Manifestation Mistake

The biggest mistake that I personally see people make is that they start to believe that the Universe is responsible for your manifestations. And you are separate from that Universe.

This can show up in a couple of different ways to people. So on one extreme, it might be that you set an intention, and then you just sort of wash your hands of it and leave it up to a higher power, God, Universe, Source, whatever you want to call it. Effectively making a wish, and then peacing out of the process.

And then on the other extreme, you decide that manifesting is simply some witchy bullshit. So you stop believing in the possibility and you make a point of pride to control every single one of your results. And if anybody ever comments on your ability to create magic, or to manifest, it’s like, “No, I worked hard for this!”

Either way, you’re doing yourself a disservice, because you are either running away from the process, or you’re fighting against it, neither of which is going to help you get what you want in the most, easy, breezy, spacious, magical manner.

Both of those extremes will limit you, they both do a disservice.

Don’t get me wrong. If you spontaneously think of something one morning, and a few hours later, it just miraculously drops into your life fully formed. That is great. Who doesn’t love a spontaneous win like that? I know I do!

But it’s not really reliable, it’s not something that you can trust, it’s not something that you can always know is coming. And most people think that that is the beginning and end of manifesting – it is setting an intention, preferably in a new moon, and then letting the thing come to you.

I personally disagree.

Because if you set a target, a goal, a milestone, an outcome, or whatever we want to call it, when you take action to work on it and you make moves towards that thing until you hit your goal, that is also manifesting because you have still made your desire of reality.

Sometimes it might be always down to the effort that you put in. Sometimes it might be entirely due to the effort that somebody else puts in. Sometimes it might be a mixture of the two.

All of those counts as manifesting.

And I don’t hate any of these options, just to be clear. But I would personally prefer to focus on the latter – the one where you are taking action. Surprises are great but when you can track your own progress, you feel this sort of fizzy sense of momentum. And that momentum is like a power tool when it comes to collapsing time and making things happen quicker.

In addition to that, when you see that you have put your heart, your soul, your time, into something, you not only feel proud of your effort, but you also feel worthy of the results. And when you feel that sense of worthiness, you are so much more likely to attract and be able to hold on to more of the same which ultimately is the dream, right? We want more, we want abundance, we want to be swimming in all of the goodness.

Final Thoughts

Your manifestations – they’re not all up to the universe. They’re not all up to you working hard and making it happen. It’s this beautiful symbiotic relationship. Think of it like an energetic exchange, you do your part, the Universe does its part.

What I really want you to leave with today is the knowledge that manifesting is not black and white. It is the whole fucking rainbow.

There is so much nuance involved. There’s so much room for interpretation and doing things your way. You are not following a formula because there is no formula for manifesting. People have been manifesting their dreams for centuries probably for millennia without following some online business coaches’ six-step formula. So if something doesn’t resonate, if you follow somebody and the way that they say you have to manifest just feels janky or off for you, this is your permission slip to not do it. This is your permission slip to a) do it the way you want to do it and b) get involved in the process.

Your Challenge:

I want to challenge you to take something from this episode (anything) and use it to spark action use it to activate some kind of change in the way you work in the way you live.

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