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Welcome to Episode 2.28 of Your Biz, Your Rules. This show is very much needed on earth as it is today because it is all about how to stay calm and how to keep moving forward in your business and in your life when the world seems to be in absolute, destructive, chilling chaos.

So this week, I want to talk about how to respond when the world seems to be losing its collective mind. 

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Show notes:

Welcome to Episode 2.28 of Your Biz, Your Rules. This show is very much needed on Earth as it is today because it is all about how to stay calm and how to keep moving forward in your business and in your life when the world seems to be in absolute, destructive, chilling chaos.

So this week, I want to talk about how to respond when the world seems to be losing its collective mind. 

I don’t think you can spend any time on social media at the moment without thinking, What the hell is actually going on?

While what I’m going to be talking about today was inspired by current events on a more global scale, I want you to know that the principles that I’m sharing, are also things that you can use to help you stay calm and grounded when your personal life feels like it’s in chaos.

And what I’m going to share today will be relevant to your own issues and drama but the examples I’m probably going to be using will be more current events based.

Cut the Crap, Chaos and Confusion

At the beginning of the first lockdown, I ran this workshop called Cut the Crap, Chaos and Confusion where I was essentially sharing a handful of strategies for dealing with a world gone mad. And I’m sure you can all recall that right at the beginning of the pandemonium things were messy, messy, messy, messy! Every angle that you looked there was mess, mess, and more mess.

So I ran this workshop sharing a handful of really practical things that people could do to just stay steady and stay grounded. And I’m not going to be repeating what I shared in that workshop, so if you do want to check it out and sort of pick up on those strategies and participate in the hypnosis that comes with it, then I’ll pop a link to that below. It also comes as part of a bundle, actually so you would also get access to my training on how to create a new income stream when you’re very overwhelmed by what’s going on in the world, and also how to pivot your content so that you’re being sensitive, you’re being conscious, but still making the moves you need to make in your business. The bundle is available for just £70!

What I’m going to be talking about today are a few different tips to help you just feel a lot more calm and a lot more centred when it comes to dealing with a wild world because things happen all the time. It’s like there’s just one thing after another and when you identify as highly sensitive or empathic, it can just feel like a lot and it can feel also like you don’t have the right to feel a certain way and that can create additional challenges. And so today what I’m going to be talking about is how to navigate all of this when you are that sensitive person because I know a lot of you are, I know that is the kind of person I often attract. So hopefully you will walk away with some very practical tips and ideas today that can just help you feel a little bit better when the world is going to hell in a handbasket.

How do you stay calm when the world is in chaos?

1.Switch off

It can be so hard to stay calm especially if you identify as empathic or highly sensitive, it can feel like you’re absorbing so much, not just from events that are taking place but then from all of the responses to those events that you see. So all of the common threads that you come across, all of the posts you read, all of the Instagram stories that you watch, it can feel like you’re being bombarded from every angle.

So my first tip for you is going to be one that probably seems very obvious, but switch off from the consumption, switch off from the news, switch off from social media.

It is not always your job to stay informed. If there is specific information that you want to seek out, Google it because then at least you are in control of how you interact with information it’s not just coming at you with no filter.

And that’s not to say you have to step back from all media forever, just for as long as you need to, just for as long as it takes you to start feeling a little bit more settled and a little bit more grounded, just a little bit more in control of your own emotions. Because it’s so easy to get completely flattened by what’s going on in the world and if you have any history of suffering from anxiety, depression, or anything like that, it can really have a massive impact that lasts a long time.

So you’ve got to be really mindful of these things and when I have shared in the past that this is something that I do whenever something big kicks off in the world, I’ve had at least one person say, “Oh, well, what a privilege to be able to shut off from this”.

And do you know what? Yes, it is a privilege. And it is a privilege that I’m going to take full advantage of. Because here is the thing. Your mental and emotional health has to come first. Because if you’re not taken care of, you can’t take care of your business, you can’t take care of your home, you can’t take care of your pets, your family, you can’t even hope to have an effect on the world at large, you can’t support your community, you can’t make a change, you can’t be an activist if you are completely depleted and completely flattened, and just feeling so, so down about what’s going on in the world.

How can you possibly have what it takes to put yourself out there and make a change? You just can’t. So if you need to take your time, if you need to detach for a while and just take care of yourself, you can do that without guilt.

2. Commit to the practices that make you feel safe and grounded

Along similar lines, I want to encourage you to really commit to the practices that make you feel safe and make you feel grounded because one of the reasons that we can have such an intense reaction to wild events is because on some level, they trigger our safety siren.

There’s something about them that makes us feel like we are going to end up in a situation where we’re not feeling safe, we’re not feeling secure, like our very survival is in jeopardy. And it can often feel like that – it really, really can.

Sometimes when you see things, it can just be like, “Oh God, if it can happen to them, it can definitely happen to me”. And sometimes it can be more like a doom-spiral.

What often happens is it’s in our body this feeling of either I’m not safe, or it’s possible that I’m going to not be safe in the future. And even if we’re not consciously aware that that is what is going on for us, it’s in our being, it’s in our physical body. So committing to practices that just make you feel calm and grounded and steady and still will really, really see you well.

And this will look a little bit different for everybody because we all have different preferences, we all have different tastes, we all have different habits. I’ll share what I do, and you can feel free to swipe those if you want but there is no right or wrong way to feel more grounded.

Something that I do is tapping – tapping really helps me calm my nervous system. So I will use an EFT script that I create myself or I’ll find one on YouTube and I will just tap to calm my nervous system down. Morning pages has the same effect for me. So every morning just writing three pages longhand in a journal because it allows me to sort of talk myself out of the nervous energy.

And if those two aren’t doing it, if there’s something even more intense going on, then I listen to the hypnosis that I created. I’ve created a hypnosis for grounding and strength, which is available for free on my YouTube channel.

Those are a few of the things that I personally do to like ground myself to make myself feel more connected to my own body and safer in my own skin. But this could look like 101 different things, maybe it’s breathwork for you, maybe it’s going outside for a walk, maybe it’s dancing, maybe it’s working out, maybe it’s talking to somebody, there are so many different ways to start feeling more safe and more grounded in your body – just go with the one that feels right for you.

And remember that you get to experiment, you get to switch things up, you get to try things before you settle on a particular tactic.

3. Speaking up

Now we need to talk about speaking up, there’s always a pressure to speak up when something big happens, when something dire happens. So many people seem to think that it is all of our jobs to use our platforms to have an opinion, to broadcast, broadcast, broadcast.

You don’t have to be bullied into putting on a performance.

Speak when you want to, speak when you have something to say.

And yes, you might deal with some peer pressure, but you know what we’re grown-ass adults. We are business people, we have a mission, we have the strength and the fortitude to ignore idiots who are trying to impose their thoughts on us.

So don’t be bullied into taking performative action. Because at the end of the day, that helps nobody anyway. It’s so much more effective for you to slowly and intentionally talk about a topic that is meaningful to you, and take small actions to create change on a larger scale than it is to temporarily jump on a particular bandwagon or a particular fight just because it’s trendy, just because it’s in the news.

If you don’t have something concrete to say, that’s okay. You are under no obligation to articulate what you think or what you feel in line with a new cycle or in line with somebody else’s timeline. That is a weird social media phenomenon that we just need to let go of now because it is helping nobody.

And if you do want to contribute to a particular conversation, but you just don’t know what you can add, then use that intention, use that energy to share people’s voices, share other people’s content, share other people’s resources. If these people are experts, or if these people have wise things to say or helpful resources that will support a cause, share those, amplify those resources instead of just trying to cobble together an opinion of your own.

4. Your problems still get to feel like problems

I also want you to remember and this is a big one here.

Remember that your problems still get to feel like problems.

Don’t be tempted to gaslight yourself into thinking what you are currently going through is no big deal. We are not competing in the trauma Olympics here.

If you have something that you are struggling with, it is no less valid than something big and dire and dramatic happening on a global scale. You are still a person, you still get to feel your feelings and you still get to feel how you feel about the situations taking place in your own life.

So it is not selfish. It is not unnecessary. It is not childish. It is not superficial, to want to take care of yourself first. In fact, it’s very, very necessary. You’re not in competition with somebody else’s struggle so don’t be tempted to dismiss what you’re going through.

When you find yourself saying, “Oh, it’s not as bad as this, it’s not as bad as what they’re going through” you’re dismissing your very real needs. And that certainly is something that needs to stop.

Give yourself the time that you need. Give yourself the support that you need, whatever that looks like. You are still worth taking care of even when terrible things are happening in the world, even when every nation seems to have gone absolutely bonkers, you as a human are still worth taking care of. And don’t forget that.

Final thoughts

This week, I’ve decided to open up space for five free breakthrough sessions. So like I said, I’m offering these up for free. It’s an hour’s coaching, no strings attached to just talk with me about what’s going on with you, maybe come up with a bit of a plan, maybe play around with some strategy, maybe release what’s been going on for you, whatever it is you need, you can use these sessions for.

Hopefully, you’ve had some ideas here how to navigate these tumultuous times, because it really does feel like every other week there is something else to feel heartbroken about or to feel enraged about. And that can feel like a lot, especially when you are trying to grow a business as well and you have like very real, just everyday worries to navigate. It can just feel like you’re being pulled in every direction. And it can feel like you’re doing something wrong, to still want to build your business and to still want to make sales when things are so bad for other people in the world.

And that’s why I wanted to talk about this topic today. Because there is nothing wrong with you for wanting to take care of yourself and take care of your business, even when things are terrible in other parts of the world or on your doorstep. Hopefully you’ve had a bit of inspiration, you’ve had a few ideas of how you can just take a little bit better care of your own mental and emotional health this week and every week.

Your Challenge:

I want to challenge you to take something from this episode (anything) and use it to spark action use it to activate some kind of change in the way you work in the way you live.

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