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Welcome to Episode 2.23 of Your Biz, Your Rules. As promised last week, I’m back to talk you through my brand new business model. I say brand new business model but really it’s an evolution of my old business model.

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💛 My new business model

💛 What’s changing and what to expect

💛 Introducing…Calling In

Show notes:

Welcome to Episode 2.23 of Your Biz, Your Rules. As promised last week, I’m back to talk you through my brand new business model. I say brand new business model but really it’s an evolution of my old business model.

But we’re not reinventing the wheel here, we’re not throwing everything into a shiny new idea or a shiny new object, we are just making choices that allow our business to fulfil our needs and to match with our values to speak to what we really want to create in the world.

So I remember clearly, the moment that this transition came to me – I was sat in my garden early morning with a cup of coffee and my journal and I just started free writing and before I knew what was happening, it came out.

And I’m pretty excited with what did come out it because it meshes with my values and meshes with my vision. It’s just perfection.

In the spirit of filter-free honesty and playful experimentation, which are two things that I would like to think I’m known for, I decided to share the full structure of this new model with you. I want to show you the whole process, I want to show you what it looks like to transition from one way of doing things to a different way of doing things. By taking you along for the ride from early on, you also get to see the mistakes too!

Now, what I will say before we get into the meat and potatoes is that I’m still going to be offering one on one work because honestly, it gives me life! There’s just something alchemical, something magical in those sessions. The self-study stuff that I’ve created in the past is still going to be up there on the website because it still has value, it can still create amazing impact for people, but it’s just not what I’m going to be focusing my energy on promoting.

What to expect going forward

Now what you can expect going forward is kind of a new programme called Calling In.

This is going to be a rolling group programme that marries energy management, emotional power, spiritual development and grounded practicality. Because I honestly think that this is what it takes for you to get everything that you want out of life and out of your business on a pretty consistent basis.

The way I see this working is the Calling In curriculum will give you:

  • MasterMood – A two-hour intensive designed to shift specific emotional and energetic limitations keeping you smaller than you’d like to be *and* anchor into the states that will make you UNSTOPPABLE.
  • MasterMind – A two-hour group coaching session, during which you get my eyes and brain on your business *and* support from the wider community.
  • MasterMethod – A two-hour workshop breaking down a specific spiritual or energetic tool, concept or methodology, so that you can use it to create tangible results in my business.

But there’s more! I promised you a whole new business model, not just a programme breakdown. So each of these MasterMood and MasterMethod classes will be available for individual purchase.

Here’s the thing, I trust you to know for yourself, if there are only certain areas you want to explore. If there is one thing that speaks to you, just do that. Or if you are the kind of person who wants to dip your toe in first to try something and see if you click with the vibes and the person, then you can do that.

Beyond that, what I really want to do is offer a scholarship spot on every single live class I run. So each one of these sessions there is going to be one scholarship space available. You’ll often hear me say that generosity is the key to abundance and that’s my little way of committing to proving that point.

Now, these offers inside of this business model are very much intended for business owners still, so I’m not changing my audience. But honestly, I don’t feel the need to be any more specific than that. Everyone is welcome. The only requirement is that you are in business because otherwise a lot of the things that we talk about are just going to be irrelevant for you.

Final thoughts

All in all, I feel really excited to experiment with a system of business that screams DAIRE.

  • We’ve got the MAGIC and MYSTERY of the whole concept.
  • We’ve got the CREATIVITY and CHALLENGE of the range of MasterClass topics.
  • We’ve got the GENEROSITY and ACCESSIBILITY of the scholarship feature.
  • We’ve got the FLEXIBILITY of choosing between Calling In or individual classes.
  • We’ve got the FOCUS and MOMENTUM of the accountability activation you get as a bonus.
  • We’ve got the ZERO PRESSURE of open enrollment.
  • We’ve got the CHILL and STEADINESS of the MasterMood sessions and the TOTAL EXPANSION of the MasterMethods.
  • Plus, there’s the FILTER-FREE, FUCK-FREE HONESTY of posts like this, where I share what I’m trying, as I try it.

So, I guess the question is… who’s jumping on this ride with me?

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