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Welcome to episode 2.14 of Your Biz, Your Rules. In this show, I’m going to be getting real about where most coaches and healers let themselves down.

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💛 It’s time to say goodbye to crappy coaching practices!

💛 We all want to be unforgettable with the work we do but the ways we’re taught to show up as a coach are often doing the opposite.

💛 If you notice any of these crappy coaching practices in yourself, forgive yourself for the past and choose a better way!

Show notes:

Welcome to episode 2.14 of Your Biz, Your Rules. In this show, I’m going to be getting real about where most coaches and healers let themselves down.

I am very aware that this is an inflammatory topic and that will probably push some buttons, but that doesn’t mean we should shy away from it.

We all want to stand out, we want to be noticed, we want to be remembered, we want to be referred…

We all want to be unforgettable with the work we do and the transformations we facilitate. But let’s talk reality for a second. The way we’re taught to show up as a coach, as a healer, as a mentor, etc. the behaviours that we model, are often doing the opposite. They’re either helping us blend into the blancmange of the business world, or they’re helping us be unforgettable for the wrongest of reasons.

When that becomes the standard, we all get tarred with the same toxic brush. People become suspicious. They stop believing in the transformative power of coaching, or healing, which has the depressing ripple effect of (a) our would-be clients staying stuck and suffering, and (b) our businesses desiccating before our eyes.

I want more than that for you. I want more than that for me. And I certainly want more than that for the world.

What’s the key?

So what’s the key here? What’s the secret to being a better kind of practitioner?

Well, forgive me for using such a coachy word here, but it’s in the embodiment.

Let me be more explicit.

It’s about doing what we tell our clients to do. It’s about being how we expect our clients to be. It’s about practicing what you preach, before you start bloody preaching it.

As coaches, healers, teachers, consultants, we all have a “system” or a way of working, whether that is an explicit system, such as The 5-Part Unshakeable Business Method that I teach inside of the Unshakeable Business Academy, or it might be more subtle like a set of tools, rituals or practices that you recommend, for example.

It is your responsibility, if you are going to sell this system, to live by it yourself.

Passing off something that could, in theory, work without ever really testing it for yourself? Crappy coaching. If we are going to teach a system, we need to know, without a shadow of a doubt, that it does work for different people with different circumstances.

Regurgitating advice you’ve heard elsewhere instead of speaking from your own experience? Crappy coaching.

Being lazy and just repeating things that you’ve ripped out of workbooks or trainings, instead of actually doing your own thinking, doing your own exploring and doing your own research? Crappy coaching.

Resorting to jargon and vague concepts when you can’t explain something properly? Crappy coaching. This also applies to having go-to responses when people ask you questions like:

  • Maybe you’re sabotaging yourself?
  • What would you do if you did know?
  • You need to take responsibility for that…

Crappy coaching!

Imposing your one way of working on your clients with no nuance or wiggle room? Crappy coaching. Everybody on this Earth has a different life, has a different business, has different expertise, has different personality traits, has allll of these differences – so why are you expecting one very clear-cut formula to work for everybody?

Shedding all responsibility if your ideas legitimately don’t work for someone? Crappy coaching. I want to be clear here – we do want our clients to take personal responsibility for their results, we want them to be doing the work BUT if they are showing up and doing the work, and following your system and still not getting the results, that is a “you” problem.

If you’ve noticed any of these patterns in yourself, please don’t get defensive. I very much doubt that you’ve done any of this out of malice. More likely is that this is how you were taught to show up in the online space.

So, forgive yourself for the past and choose a better way!

The good news is that at any point, we get to decide to be and do better. And that shift doesn’t have to be sparked by some big, dramatic crisis. It can start with as simple an act as working through your own training or process, and seeing what happens.

Final Thoughts

If listening to this has lit a little fire in you, then I want you to consider working with me in one of two ways:

  1. The Standard of Excellence – be an unforgettable coach for all the right reasons (self-study course)
  2. The Unshakeable Business Academy – the 5 essential pillars of doing business (12-month mastermind/group coaching program)

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