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Welcome to episode 2.13 of Your Biz, Your Rules. In this show, I’m going to be diving into 20 different tasks that take 10 minutes or less, that can really be game-changers.

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💛 20 things to do in your business next time you have 10 minutes.

  1. Clean your desk before you start work for the week
  2. Write out a list of all your priorities for the week, and decide which days you’d like to do them
  3. Check-in with your team (in a human way)
  4. Money date
  5. Take an extra 10-minute break during your work day
  6. Jump on IG Stories and share what you’re working on, a tip, a story, or a thought
  7. Turn your bundle of Stories into a video and upload it to your IG grid
  8. Turn the topic of that video into a written post and schedule it
  9. Turn that same post into a carousel and schedule it for next week
  10. Make a carousel of images to promote your latest offer
  11. Create a reel to promote your latest podcast, video, live stream, or blog post
  12. Sort your emails
  13. Once a week, go through your “action” folder
  14. Email your list and ask the “are you still” question
  15. Update autoresponder/bio/work with me page
  16. Check-in with the people you’d love to work with.
  17. Read a chapter of a book.
  18. Do a piece of homework from a course.
  19. Schedule Facebook group posts for the week
  20. Review your task list from the previous week.

Show notes:

Welcome to episode 2.13 of Your Biz, Your Rules. In this show, I am going to provide a little treat for the time-poor among you, or those of you who feel like there is never quite enough time so you always feel like you’re on the back foot.

In today’s episode, I’m going to be diving into 20 different tasks that take 10 minutes or less that can really be game-changers in your business – these are tasks that can make all the difference to not only the way you feel in your business, but also the results that you get.

Now this is not me saying that you have to try and do all of these things every day or every week but if you do find yourself with a pocket of 10 minutes where you might find yourself mindlessly scrolling, come back to this episode and pick one of these to do instead!

1. Clean your desk before you start work for the week.

This is probably one of the things that makes the biggest difference to how I feel personally when I sit down at my desk on a Monday morning. When everything is clean and smells amazing, it just feels like a nice space to be in.

And this doesn’t have to be restricted to the end of a week or the start of a week whenever you feel like your energy or your space needs a refresh, spend 10 minutes blitzing your work room.

2. Write out a list of all your priorities for the week and decide which days you would like to do them.

This is a great Monday morning task and it is actually how I start mine Monday mornings.

This is not really an over-the-top restrictive planning system is simply me and a piece of paper brain dumping everything that I would like to get done in a week.

And this isn’t set in stone like if on one day, you have no energy on another day you have tonnes of energy, there is nothing stopping you from switching up the list.

3. Check in with your team in a very human way

A couple of episodes ago – Episode 210 – I raved about my little team which feels weird to say because it is just me and one other person, Dani, my amazing VA. But every Monday we will check in with each other. We do this in different ways e.g. Slack, voice notes, etc. but the main thing I want to drive home here is not just to dive straight into “What are you doing for me this week?” or “What did you do for me last week?”

It’s about checking in, in a personal way because there’s something about feeling connected to the people that are working with you that just changes the way you feel day to day because when you feel like the other person cares, when you feel like they’re invested, then you feel so much more supported.

4. Have a money date

I’m probably going to do a full episode on money dates at some point in the future because this is such a fantastic way to change the way you feel about money stuff and also amplify the amount of money that you are bringing in.

Your money date can take various guises – it could be more practical tasks, such as logging your income, sending invoices, chasing payments, etc. or it could be more wealth consciousness work. So maybe reading a chapter of a book or working through a personal development exercise, writing through a journal prompt, doing some tapping.

I obviously like to combine both the practical and the energetic – that for me, brings the greatest results.

But having at least one money date, every single week can change the game in terms of how you feel about the money that you’re bringing into your business and the money that you want to bring into your business.

If you get really stuck here and you’re not sure what to do on your money date, then I want to direct you to Unapologetic Wealth, which is my 33 Day audio programme. So in there you actually receive daily audios to listen to – it’s a mixture of meditations, tapping scripts, and also hypnosis audios, a well with as well as some sort more practical tools like journaling and planning questions. And if you incorporated just a few elements of those each day, or even just each week, I guarantee that you would change the way you feel about building wealth.

5. Simply take an extra 10 minute break during your work day

That’s it, take a break.

6. Jump on Instagram stories

Hop onto Instagram stories and just share what you’re working on, a tip, a story, a thought, anything! Just something really, really brief.

7. Turn your bundle of stories into a video and upload it to your Instagram grid

There are so many free apps out there that will allow you to just easily stitch together little clips of video. So download one of those now and connect those story graphics together and turn it into a longer-form video.

8. Turn the topic of that video into a written post and schedule it

Let’s say for thing #6 you jumped on Instagram stories and you shared one tip for having a successful podcast batch day and then foot for #7, you turned all those tips – maybe you gave them three tips – you turn those three tips into a longer-form video. And then for thing #8, you are just taking that same information, put it into a written post where you describe the three tips in writing, and schedule it for maybe a few days from now or a week from now, with a super simple image – maybe a selfie!

9. Take that same post that same written post and turn it into a carousel

So instead of having all of the content written in your caption, you would have one tip on each image. Add a title image and a call to action image, and you’ve got a carousel of five graphics there that you can schedule, maybe another week later.

Can you see how you’re sort of doing really small tasks now to build a bit of a content pipeline that will have you covered for weeks to come?

10. Make a carousel of images to promote your latest offer

Simple. You can just outline what it is, who it’s for, why people need it, what’s the incentive to buy it now, and what the features and benefits of it are. Keep it simple – you don’t have to overthink this or reinvent the wheel.

11. Create a reel to promote your latest podcast, video, live stream or blog post

If you have created a really juicy piece of content elsewhere, even if it’s just an email to your list, create a Reel that shows people a little snippet of that thing!

12. Sort your emails

This does not have to be an overwhelming task. If you just chip away at it 10 minutes at a time, you can soon get to that Nirvana that is Inbox Zero.

My email filing system is super, super simple. I have a folder for actions I need to take, I have a folder for waiting and follow up kind of emails, and a folder for things that are done. I also have one final folder for anything money-related.

With this sort of system in place, processing your emails would simply look like dragging things into the appropriate folder and responding to things that will take a couple of minutes to deal with.

13. Once a week, go through your action folder

So that action folder I just mentioned contains things that would need longer than two minutes of your time to complete. Go through that once a week.

14. Email your list and ask them if they’re still interested in one of the promises that you make

So for me, that might be something like, “Are you still interested in booking a new client this week?”, “Are you still interested in coming up with a month’s worth of content ideas in one sitting?”, “Are you still interested in putting together an irresistible group programme?” I could say any of those. And that’s the entire email.

Then when people respond and say “yes!”, follow up with them – book a call, have a DM chat, however you like to communicate with people, but do something with the responses.

15. Update some things!

Update your autoresponder if you have one or update your social media bio, or just quickly review and update your work with me page. Those are three separate tasks really, but I’ve put them in one thing here! Just update things!

16. Check in with the people that you’d love to work with

I think I mentioned this back in Episode 2.03 where I was talking about the planner hacks that I use to keep the vibe high. But I have this post-it note in my planner that has the names of people that I would love to work with and when I have 10 minutes space, I will reach out to them and send them a voice note.

Nothing pushy, nothing pitchy. Just checking in to say hi! So if you have 10 minutes to spare, maybe you could go through all of the names on that post-it note and just send them all a nice short voice note.

17. Read a chapter of a book

We all have so many books that we buy to help us with a particular problem, whether that is personal development related or more professional development related that never get read.

So spend that spare 10 minutes reading a chapter instead of mindlessly scrolling.

If you’re a little bit overwhelmed by all of the unread things on your shelves, and you don’t really know where to start, then I highly recommend you come along and join the Friends and Faves book club. If you want all of the information on the book club, check out last week’s episode – Ep 2.12 – and if you like the sound of it, come and join us!

18. Do a piece of homework from a course that you’ve signed up for

We all have things like group programmes, courses, webinars, etc. that we have registered for.

Spend 10 minutes just taking action on something, for example, filling in one bit of your workbook, doing one bit of something that will help you move further towards that result that you’ve invested in.

19. Schedule Facebook group posts for the week

So if you have a Facebook group, whether that is a paid group that goes with a course or programme or a free community, schedule, the posts that you have coming up this week.

If you don’t have a Facebook group, but you have some kind of other online community that maybe doesn’t allow for scheduling, you can simply write out those posts and batch your content that way.

It will just make things so much easier as you won’t have to think about it in the moment, and you won’t have to come up with ideas, etc.

20. Review your task list from the past week

The thing that I personally enjoy finishing my week with is: review your task list from the past week.

So that master list that we created at the start of the week, just take a look at it again.

  • What can you celebrate?
  • What did you manage to tick off?
  • What went well?
  • What can you delete?
  • What no longer feels important to you?
  • What can you delegate?
  • And last, but not least, what do you need to pass to the next week? Because life has a way of life-ing and we don’t always have a perfect score when it comes to productivity, and more often than not, we do overschedule ourselves. So if there are things that you need to pass on to another week, there is ZERO point judging yourself for it so don’t bother! Just observe, decide and move it along.

Final Thoughts

So there you have it. 20 really simple, yet impactful things that you can do when you have a spare 10 minutes on your hands.

I would love for you to take action on one of these today. Just pick one and share it in your Instagram Stories, as always tag me so I can come over and leave you some love. But give yourself this gift, choose one thing that will make you feel better about your business or about your business results today. Future you will thank you for it.

If you want more like bite-sized, no-frills support inside of your business, then I highly recommend that you come and take a look at Unshakable Business Academy. I’m currently enrolling for the next cohort of members and I have 10 spaces available this time around.

I do cap it at 10 because I give a lot of personalised support to everybody inside of the container. Not only do they get the usual fortnightly coaching calls, and weekly Q & A’s, but every single person inside of the community also gets unlimited one-on-one Voxer support for me. So if that’s the level of support that you have been craving recently, just hop over and take a look at the information page and see if it speaks to you. No pressure, no false urgency, just have a look, consider it, and then get back to me. If you do have any specific questions, of course, reach out to me on Instagram and I’m more than happy to have a chat with you.

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