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Welcome to episode 2.10 of Your Biz, Your Rules. In this show, I’m going to be talking you through my favourite ways to outsource in my business.

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I’m interrupting our planned episode list today and switching things up – it was supposed to be our Q&Ashow today, but there’s something more important I need to share with you…

On Friday, it was my fabulous VA’s birthday, and to celebrate her, I wanted to record an episode in her honour. So today we’re going to be diving into some of my favourite ways to outsource.

I want to start by saying, I have a micro team. It’s just Dani and I who create and manage everything. So even if you can’t stretch to a full on multi player team right now, I want you to understand how much your life can change with just the support of one person.

There is so much that Dani helps me with day to day, but let’s look at a few of the core areas that make the biggest impact:

Podcast production process

Outsourced tasks include:

  • Creating and scheduling a new episode in Libsyn
  • Writing up show notes for my website
  • Creating episode artwork – one title image, one quote image, and one image optimised for IG Stories
  • Turning each episode into a video and scheduling on YouTube
  • Creating video snippets I can use as reels or IG Stories

Group programme management

Outsourced tasks include:

  • Editing prerecorded training videos and adding them to the training vault
  • Adding study notes to each of the training videos
  • Uploading any additional resources to support student progress
  • Scheduling conversation starters in the Facebook group
  • Downloading replays and adding them to the training vault
  • Sending out call reminders

Product creation

Outsourced tasks include:

  • Giving me feedback/asking clarifying questions when I have an idea
  • Creating a project plan in Asana
  • Creating a product in Membervault and connecting it to the payment and email marketing system (Convertkit)
  • Designing a checkout page in Thrivecart
  • Setting up the welcome email that shows next steps
  • Creating module and lesson artwork so everything looks nice

Launch support

Outsourced tasks include:

  • Setting up a landing page so that people can sign up for the latest conversion event
  • Creating a tripwire page so people can upgrade their experience
  • Updating and connecting a nurture sequence
  • Attending my daily livestreams and tagging participants so they don’t miss it
  • Sending out replay links and daily summary
  • Logging participant homework for giveaways
  • Designing and scheduling sales emails

We have some amazing systems in place that make it possible for us to manage all of this seamlessly.

If that sounds like a bit of what you need, then I highly encourage you to check out Organise & Grow Your Biz With SOPs, one of Dani’s self-study courses. It provides in depth training on how to create systems that work for you, no matter what stage of business you’re at.

And if you’re thinking, “this bitch sounds amazing, I want one” then you’ll want to take a look at Organise & Grow Your Biz With A Team, another of Dani’s courses. This one will walk you through how to get your business set up and ready for a new team member, how to hire your perfect person, and how to manage them once you do.

One thing that I want to make abundantly clear here is that Dani is brilliant. Being a VA is a highly skilled position, and unfortunately I don’t always see it get celebrated as such, but that’s a conversation for a different day.

If you’re listening to this and thinking you might quite like to be a VA yourself, then here are your next steps – Dani is running a 5 day challenge starting TODAY that will help you hone in on your marketable skills, package them up and pitch them to well-paying clients by the end of the week. Register here.

If you’re listening to this after the fact, I would highly recommend you connect with her here – I know she has a ton of magic in the works designed to help support new VAs.

Next week I’m going to be bringing you that Q&A episode I promised – see you there!

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