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Welcome to episode 2.03 of Your Biz, Your Rules. In this show, I’m sharing a few of the different ways I use my planner to boost my mood and keep me moving all year round.

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💛 I finally found the planner of my dreams – the Hobonichi Cousin!

💛 5 planner hacks to keep the vibe high:

💛 Collect your compliments in the front cover

💛 Gold stars every day you make money

💛 The post-it of people you want to stay connected with

💛 Track your cycle (or the lunar cycle)

💛 Each day: grateful, excited, non-negotiables

Show notes:

Welcome to episode 2.03 of Your Biz Your Rules. In this show, I’m sharing a few of the different ways I use my planner to boost my mood and keep me moving all year round.

First of all, let’s talk about the planner I’ve gone for this year. I’ve been gushing about this bad boy all over social media so I need to share it here too. Over the years, I’m pretty sure I’ve tried every single kind of planner. None of them have quite managed to do it for me. I’ve come to realise I have very simple yet specific requirements:

  1. monthly pages
  2. weekly pages
  3. daily pages

And this year, I managed to find one that fits the bill! I’ve gone for the Hobonichi Cousin, and I’m really thrilled with it so far. It’s not the cheapest of all planners, but given that in previous years I’ve ended up buying multiple planners, it actually works out as less than I’d usually spend.

New planner aside, I’m excited to share some of the unique ways I use my planner to manage my mood and my momentum all year round. And the all year round part is important. I’m sure you can relate to feeling all giddy when the planner is new, only for those feelings to wane by the middle of February… not anymore!

1. Collect your compliments in the front cover

Use the inside cover of your planner to collect compliments. Write down all of the compliments and nice things people say about you – these can be in your personal life or in business.

Then, when you go to use your planner every single day, you will be reminded just how valued you are in so many different ways. Sometimes we need that affirmation and that reminder that what we are doing matters!

2. Gold stars every day you make money

Buy yourself a pack of gold star stickers and use them! Every time I make money, I put a little gold star on that day in the monthly planner layout.

It’s a great reminder that you are doing this thing, you are growing and you are getting results!

3. The post it of people you want to stay connected with

Write down all of the people you would LOVE to work with. It could be people who you’ve worked with before, it could be people you’ve connected with on social media, it could be someone you don’t know yet – write them down on your post-it and stick it in your weekly planner (and move it along with you each week).

This will be your reminder to connect with them each week. If you connect with them or start working with them in some way, you can give yourself a gold star BUT don’t remove or cross off their name from the post-it. By leaving their name on the post-it you will be reminding yourself that you ARE making progress.

4. Track your cycle (or the lunar cycle)

This might be your menstrual cycle or the lunar cycle. Knowing how you feel and how your energy is at different times of the month means that you can plan around it.

Really put into practice all of the self-awareness work you have been doing! For me, that looks like putting stickers in my monthly planner for the different phases of the moon. You can grab the ones I use here.

5. Each day: grateful, excited, non-negotiables

If you have daily pages in your planner and have space to do a little bit of writing, try to write down these things each day:

  1. What I am grateful for – I try to make this something different every single day.
  2. What I am excited for – sometimes we have those days ahead that feel like a lot but if you can start your day with one thing that you get to be excited about, it immediately changes the vibe.
  3. Three non-negotiables for the day – these are the things that need to be done but that are also achievable.

Final thoughts:

You might be surprised that so few of these tips are actually related to productivity and getting stuff done, but that’s kind of on purpose. We’re not robots here to do as much as physically possible. We’re living, breathing human beings here to create epic shit and enjoy the process of doing so. I think that’s one of the things that makes The Unshakeable Goals System so different from any quote unquote goal setting training you might have done in the past.

Yes, we look at different ways to practically set and action your ideas and intentions, but we also look at the emotional and energetic crapola that could either get in your way or speed you along if handled correctly. If you’d like to join us for the next live round, which starts TODAY, sign up here.

Spoiler alert for our next episode – I’m going to be sharing one of my favourite little rituals to kick off a new month, so make sure you hit subscribe if you don’t want to miss it!

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