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Let me catch you up – this series of blog posts is a monthly no-filter, all access pass to my brain and my business, so that you can see – in real time – that it’s totally possible to build a business on your own terms.

Here’s what went down this month:

I relaunched my YouTube channel

Last month I mentioned that I started working through Quiana LaChé’s Video Boss Bootcamp… and the channel is officially now chugging away!

We kicked off last week with a live launch party, where I jumped on for a free (and pitch-free) masterclass:

Check out the replay here:

I also published my first ever public card reading which was hella scary but felt right at the same time – if you want some insights to help you plan the month ahead, check it out here:

I have stayed fully in love with Cosmic Goddess

Cosmic Goddess is a bimonthly circle for workaholics. In other words, a tea party of fun, chill and magic for women who give their all to their work.

Every single session we’ve had so far has been absolutely *gorgeous*, with women joining me from all over the world for hypnosis, channeled art making, tapping and card pulls. These gatherings will be taking place twice a month, and you’re more than welcome to join us for the next one.

I took some down time

This month I had a couple of different intentional breaks, the first being an at-home retreat that I created for myself when I had a weekend home alone (you can check out the itinerary here if you fancy swiping it for yourself).

The second was a mini break in the New Forest, where I had a few days of long walks, magical talks, painting and planning… all of my favourite things! This trip was a huge beacon of a reminder that I NEED MORE DOWN TIME.

It’s not something I’ve been prioritising enough recently, and that has to change.

I’ve been hugely enjoying my 90-day planning

I love my planning. I do. I don’t care if that makes me seem “not creative” or “not intuitive” or whatever. This month I’ve spent some time getting super clear on all the things I’d like to claim over the next three months and it’s making me GIDDY.

I get GENUINELY EXCITED when I start thinking about all the possibilities there are for my business over a coming period of time.

That’s actually how my 90-day readings came into existence. I used to do them just for me, as a way to get some clarity about which way to focus, given that I feel like I’m constantly drowning in a flood of all the ideas…

And they have been a gamechanger.

They’ve armed me with everything I need to:

🌟 be intentional about how I show up for work every day
🌟 be intentional about what I post (and sell) online
🌟 be intentional about how I take care of myself, both inside and outside of my business

And after sharing a peek on my Instagram Stories, a bunch of people asked me to shine the magic their way… so I did. Which is why I now offer a handful of these readings each quarter.

Here’s what you can expect from one of my readings:

🔥 an in depth written guide, broken down by date, that you can easily refer back to over the next 3 months

🔥 a quarterly overview, with a clear outline of your priorities for the full 90 days, and a ritual to help make it all happen

🔥 monthly spreads to give you specific guidance on how to tap into focus, how to tap into flow, and a list of personal development exercises to support you all month long

🔥 weekly readings to offer strategic steps and magical advice on a week-by-week basis

All packaged in a handy guide that you can work through at your own pace.

If you’ve like to book in one of these readings, do that here.

What I’ve learned this month:

I have this old pattern that I thought had been vanquished for good: when I feel stressed I overwork to the extent that I don’t eat properly, sleep properly, go outside, engage with other humans, or otherwise lead a functional life. Which of course makes me feel more stressed, so the the cycle keeps perpetuating.

This is something I used to experience a lot when I provided “done for you” services – but this is the first time it’s come up since I pivoted everything and started coaching and teaching full time… I was kind of surprised that it came up again. I thought I was “done” with it.

I was talking about this with a friend of mine, and she was really surprised when I told her that I wanted to share this feeling/pattern publicly. She was worried it might make people not want to hire me – who would want to be coached by someone who doesn’t always have her shit together?!

But here’s why I think it’s important for us all to lift the veil on our struggles: nobody is ever “fixed” and “finished”. We are all in this mess together. We might overcome particular problems and patterns, but then we uncover new ones – it’s the name of the game.

And there is no shame in that.

The real question is – what do you do when you catch yourself spiralling into a headspace (or a habit) that doesn’t serve your goal? Do you let it take you over, or do you choose to tackle it, to fight back, to seek support from your humans?

This months flow of income:

  • Cosmic Bitch payment plans
  • Cosmic Goddess sign ups (some monthly subscriptions, some annual subscriptions)
  • Content Arsenal membership
  • Website copy updates (don’t get excited – I only do this on occasion for my 1:1 clients)

Essential tools that kept the wheels turning:

  • Google – For emails, calendar, cloud storage and docs (I use Google docs to create all Cosmic Bitch workbooks).
  • Zoom For hosting all my 1:1 coaching sessions and group calls.
  • ClickUp For planning and project management.
  • ConvertKit For sending out reminder emails and Warrior Vibes (my weekly magazine for business-minded go-getters)
  • Airtable For collecting feedback from my Cosmic Bitch students.
  • Thrivecart For accepting payments, managing my affiliate programme and creating simple funnels.
  • Mighty Networks For the Cosmic Bitch community – I really didn’t want a Facebook group!
  • Stay Focused For limited the amount I use my phone in the evening.
  • CanvaFor designing my graphics and workshop slides.
  • Filmora9 – For editing videos.

The help I couldn’t do business without:

My VA – Dani – from Organise + Grow is the absolute best. I recommend her to anyone and everyone who will listen. If you’re looking someone who is creative and proactive (as well as highly efficient and with extremely good taste in TV) then you should check her out.

Carmel David – longtime bestie and seriously smart lady. Over the past month or so she’s been helping me get strategic and map out a growth plan for my business. I highly, highly recommend you check out all of her magic.

Darcie Kermode – also known as Priestess Darcie – has been helping me over the past month or so with weekly energy healing sessions. I know it might not sound like “business support” but clearing out your energetic junk is such a gamechanger.

What else I’ve been up to this month:



This Is Us. THE EMOTION. There are just no words.

Listening to:

This magical, mystical relaxation playlist, and a bunch of Suzy Ashworth‘s mindset mastery audios.


  • @alisaburke – I love her combo of activism, inspiring art tutorials and kindly calling bullshit on the way people behave online.
  • @todayimbobbi – tea, books, babydog, repeat.
  • @thepeacefulbadass – not only is she a lovely human, but she ALWAYS makes me feel more high vibe, and I’m genuinely attached to her dog too.