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It is so, so easy to get stuck in a cycle of going through the motions. We’re trained to be “doers”. To smash through those to do lists. To make sure everything’s taken care of. To keep the wheels of our businesses turning.

AND there’s nothing wrong with that. I’not going to tell you that you have to do less and be more. Or that you have to change the way you’re operating and be way more chill about everything, but I am going to say this: if you’re going to keep moving, you also need to stop and refuel at regular intervals.

Otherwise, this work that you’re doing is not sustainable. You will crash and burn at some point – maybe some point soon – and I don’t want that for you.

I’m saying this as much as me as I am for you, by the way. I am guilty of all of the above.

As I was journaling the other morning, reflecting on the fact that I just want some freaking alone time so I can relax, I realised what I’m craving… a retreat. A whole day of just me, on my own, doing things to add fuel to the tank. My first move was to start looking for somewhere I could go…

But things being as they are right now, nothing looked particularly relaxing or accessible… and then it hit me! I should just make my own. Craft my own day filled with lovely, rejuvenating things with the sole purpose of recharging my batteries… but one thing that I know to be true is that I need an itinerary if I’m going to do this.

If I decided to just “go with the flow”, my solo day will be filled with biscuits and a Bones marathon which, while delightful, will not accomplish that goal of helping me zen out. So I’m making a timetable… and I’m sharing it with you, because I don’t doubt for a second that some of you are all craving some alone time, some time for chill and self-reflection.

By the way, every single thing on this schedule is FREE, because I want you to see that you can invest time and energy on yourself, without it being a super expensive thing.

DIY at home retreat itinerary

Morning mindset essentials

Drink a big glass of water.

Start the day with this guided Love Bubble meditation created by Darcie Kermode.

Make a morning coffee (or tea) and then pull out your journal. Respond to the following prompts:

  • How are you committed to feeling by the end of today? Why is this important to you?
  • What are you trying to control? Why?
  • If you could purge every thought, habit, belief and behaviour that doesn’t serve you, what would you release today?

Mindful movement

Have another glass of water, before working through this yoga class to help shift your perspective.

Pause for breakfast – choose something light if you can.

Take yourself out for a walk somewhere lovely… without headphones. Extra points if you take the time to ground, either by walking around in the grass with bare feet, or hugging a tree for a bit.

The refuel

Make your favourite lunch, and prep a slow cooked dinner.

Healing time

Settle in and listen to this healing transmission.

Next, have a long hot shower or a nice soak in a bubble bath filled with essential oils, epsom salts and maybe a crystal. No devices in the bath – keep it chilled.

Tea and tarot

Make your favourite cuppa and pick a card to discover the hidden powers currently working in your favour!


Refresh that cuppa and pull out your journal again, this time using the following prompts:

  • What was most uncomfortable about today?
  • What have been my biggest takeaways or a-ha moments?
  • What am I changing starting right now?
  • What has been amazing/transformative/magical? How can I bring more of that into my regular life?

Intentional chill

Choose something to do to help you wind down before going to bed. Maybe reading a book or doing some colouring in, whatever you fancy!

P.S. If you love this, and would like me to put together another DIY retreat schedule next month, DM me on Instagram and let me know!