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I feel like I’m dusting off some serious cobwebs here. I can’t even remember the last time I wrote a blog post! But the reasons I’m writing this today are threefold:

  1. I’ve been getting nudge after nudge (after nudge, after nudge) to go back to my roots as a writer.
  2. If you’re a listener of Your Biz, Your Rules or a a follower of my Instagram Stories, you’ll know one of my “things” is sharing an unfiltered look at growing a business… and I feel like I haven’t had space to do that in much detail recently.
  3. I’ve been trying to cultivate this new habit whereby I celebrate all my wins, big and small. That would be a lot easier if I had one handy place to stash my monthly review… say a blog post, for example.

And just in the spirit of full transparency, here is some of the shit my inner critic had to say when I decided to write this:

  • You’re so rusty, it’ll be rubbish anyway.
  • Literally nobody cares about how YOU build your business. You’re really not that special or exciting.
  • You’re just going to look like you’re copying all the other people who write monthly review posts.
  • Nobody is going to read it. You’re wasting your time.

But I’m doing it anyway.

Here’s what went down this month:

I opened the doors to Cosmic Goddess!

Cosmic Goddess is an idea I’ve had brewing in the back of my mind for a while, and this month was when I thought, “screw it, I’m doing it!” For those who haven’t heard me talk about it yet, Cosmic Goddess is a bimonthly circle for workaholics. In other words, a tea party of fun, chill and magic for women who give their all to their work.

Our first session was *gorgeous* with women joining me from all over the world for hypnosis, channeled art making, tapping and card pulls. These gatherings will be taking place twice a month, and you’re more than welcome to join us for the next one.

I simplified my offers.

This time last month, I think I had 9 or 10 different ways people could work with me and do you know what? It was overwhelming.

It was overwhelming for me to try and sell this stuff, and it was overwhelming for anyone considering working with me.

From today onwards, there are only THREE ways to work with me (plus one wildcard, you’ve got to have a wildcard!)

1 ➡️ Cosmic Goddess

This is the bimonthly womxn’s circle for those who give their all to their business and to their clients (like I mentioned above).

Twice a month we’ll connect and experience:
💫 a healing hypnosis
💫 channeled art making + co-journaling
💫 card pulls + hotseat coaching
💫 potent tapping scripts
💫 cuppas + chit chat

2 ➡️ Cosmic Bitch

This is my signature group programme for overachieving (overworking) business owners.

The premise sounds witchy: tap into the 12 signs of the zodiac and integrate that power into your life.

The results are highly practical: we balance all the wild energies and distill your skills, focus your passion, power up your personality and unleash your magic.

In other words – more money, more time, more balance, more impact.

I’ll be enrolling again at the end of September, but if you fancy being added to the waitlist (and receiving exclusive shit) DM me on Instagram.

3 ➡️ Cosmic as F*

This is my 1:1 coaching experience and will *radically* shake up the results you’re getting your business AND the way you feel about your life.

Together, we do it all, from shifting the way you work day to day, to installing the juiciest of boundaries, to designing your full suite of irresistible offers, to making visibility feel fun, easy and effective.

Here’s what’s included…..
💥 A 2-day breakthrough experience
💥 3 months of weekly coaching
💥 1 Cosmic Activation
💥 Unlimited Voxer coaching.

Epic, right? If this has tickled your tastebuds, DM me, we’ll make sure that YOU are the most aligned fit for me and THIS is the most aligned fit for your business/goals.

The Wildcard

I also offer a handful of 90 day card readings each quarter, but these are 100% first come, first served. 👊 Feel free to sneak in and book yours early here.

I can’t tell you how much more easeful and chilled it feels whittling down my product suite like this!

I’ve been trying to work just 4 hours a day.

Honestly, I haven’t got this down perfectly, but I’m trying.

Here’s the thing: yes, I want to build a business that can boast epic success, huge impact and an insane income BUT I do not want to burn out. I’ve ground myself into the dirt before, and I’ve burned myself out on multiple occasions. I am no longer willing to sacrifice my health or happiness for an income goal, I’m just not.

My quest for success is more of a gradual, sustainable growth than an immediate lightning bolt, and that’s the way I like it.

If you’re interested in the mechanics of HOW I manage to do all the things I need to do in just 4 hours a day, check out my “Planning + Productivity” Instagram Story highlight for a breakdown.

We put together a self-study version of Batch Like a Bitch!

Batch Like a Bitch is my signature content batching bootcamp which gives you everything you need to dream up, create, edit and schedule up to 90 days worth of content.

And by “content” I mean 90 days worth of blog posts, podcast episodes or videos AND 90 days worth of eamils to your list AND 90 days worth of social media posts.

In the past, I’ve only run Batch Like a Bitch as a live experience but things are changing around here. When I work with people 1:1 and when I teach live, I have more of a “whole business” approach now so all my visibility courses and programmes are becoming self-study.

Starting with Batch Like a Bitch! This is perfect for you if you’ve like to be able to go for an extended period of time without thinking (or worrying) about your content. Say if you want to take a break, go on holiday or prioritise something else in your business…

Get your hands on the bootcamp here.

What I’ve learned this month:

I have *just* started Quiana LaChé’s Video Boss Bootcamp. I’ve felt a pull towards getting more confident on video for a while, and I love Quiana’s ethos/teaching style so I was an immediate yes.

Like I said, we’ve only just started, but you can definitely expect more videos from me very soon. Make sure you’re subscribed on YouTube so you don’t miss those!

This months flow of income:

  • Cosmic Bitch payment plans
  • Cosmic Goddess sign ups (some monthly subscriptions, some annual subscriptions)
  • Content Arsenal membership
  • Self-study version of Batch Like a Bitch

Essential tools that kept the wheels turning:

  • Google – For emails, calendar, cloud storage and docs (I use Google docs to create all Cosmic Bitch workbooks).
  • Zoom For hosting all my 1:1 coaching sessions and group calls.
  • Notion – For planning and project management.
  • ConvertKit For sending out reminder emails and Warrior Vibes (my weekly magazine for business-minded go-getters)
  • Airtable For collecting feedback from my Cosmic Bitch students.
  • Thrivecart For accepting payments, managing my affiliate programme and creating simple funnels.
  • Mighty Networks For the Cosmic Bitch community – I really didn’t want a Facebook group!
  • Stay Focused For limited the amount I use my phone in the evening.
  • CanvaFor designing my graphics and workshop slides.

The help I couldn’t do business without:

My VA – Dani – from Organise + Grow is the absolute best. I recommend her to anyone and everyone who will listen. If you’re looking someone who is creative and proactive (as well as highly efficient and with extremely good taste in TV) then you should check her out.

Darcie Kermode – also known as Priestess Darcie – has been helping me over the past month or so with weekly energy healing sessions. I know it might not sound like “business support” but clearing out your energetic junk is such a gamechanger. I’m feeling more inspired and “on it” than I have in ages!

What else I’ve been up to this month:



Bones when I’m home alone, Buffy when Tom’s here. It’s his first time which is so much fun to observe!

Listening to:

My Unshakeable Goals playlist and Dani Kenney’s lighthouse meditation.


  • @ruthridgewayxo – she totally inspired me to reflect on my months this way. She’s also just a generally lovely humaan to follow online.
  • @todayimbobbi – her Instagram Stories make me feel like I’m not a crazy hermit… mostly because she appreciates books, snacks and dogs as much as I do.
  • @businessmystic – she’s a “new to me” but I love her! She send out fab weekly emails with business astrology insight – just up my street!