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In this episode, I’m chatting to Kelsey Kerslake – the CEO and Creative Director at Pinegate Road – a full-service creative agency for building your personal brand. Kelsey has been helping entrepreneurs and businesses build their brands and market their online presences for over a decade. She deeply believes that everyone has the potential to make their dreams reality and her agency helps people create an aligned online presence so they can step confidently into their next level vision for their lives and businesses.

We’re going to be talking about how to cultivate a sense of optimism and possibility in your business and your life!

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💛 Prioritising self-care has a huge impact on business and life. Really leaning into what makes you feel really vibrant and energised and then building more of those into your day.

Tips on creating packages that feel good:

💛 Really lean into what is lighting you up as a person – what would be THE most exciting thing to deliver.

💛 Then ask yourself if that is feeling really aligned with everything.

💛 Don’t over-deliver. Your packages don’t have to be over the top – this leads to burn out.

💛 Work out how much you need to be paid, to feel good about it AND still have time for self-care. Consider the life you want to be living, how much you want to be working on how much you need to be charging to create the income you desire.

My people won’t pay X, Y and Z:

💛 There will always be people who won’t pay what you are asking and this might mean adjusting who your people are.

💛 Ensure that you are presenting the value and the transformation that you provide as a service provider.

💛 Really look at who you are marketing to, who your packages are for and really focus on the value you are providing.

💛 Think about what your audience and clients are really needing right now and where they should be investing in order to get to where they want to be in their business.

Making investments in your business:

💛 Trust your own judgement before making investments.

💛 Learning expensive lessons allows you to have a better internal gauge. Don’t be afraid of those lessons.

💛 Every choice you make is a lesson you are learning.

💛 If you’re thinking about investing in a program or service, put the feelers out there to other people who have done it already.

💛 Don’t be afraid to tell people if your products or services aren’t right for them and where they could better invest their time and money instead.

💛 It’s also really important that both parties are aligned with each other. As the service provider, it can be draining to work with clients who aren’t aligned with you and your values.

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