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In this episode, I’m going to be sharing a few personal things that I’ve been working on behind the scenes to encourage you and to show you that you can make sustainable changes without it being a lightning flash of transformation!

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Key takeaways:

Since the start of 2020, everything has been in flux for me. It’s like I had this sudden download of who I want to be and where I want to be and what I want to be doing.

This vision probably started taking hold of me when I did the alter ego exercise that I shared in Episode 88, and the desire to shift and change has just become stronger and stronger…

But what I know about myself is that lots of change all at once is great for a couple of weeks, but it soon becomes unsustainable…I have this habit of getting really excited about things and then trying to do everything all at once.

So, at the start of the year, I made a quiet commitment to myself…I decided that I was going to make one tweak a week. One new habit or one tiny change every single week, that would help me get closer to the version of me living out my vision.

Here are some of the tweaks that I’ve made so far:

💛 Going for a morning dog walk with Tom.

💛 Changing the time I start my work day.

💛 Replacing one episode of Netflix with reading.

💛 And then my new yummy bedtime routine – check out Episode 104 for more info and tips!

💛 Eating lunch away from my desk. This has actually been one of the most challenging changes for me.

💛 Going to the gym 3 times a week (or at least moving 3 times a week).

💛 Doing something creative every evening.

💛 Sharing a daily Instagram Story (even if it’s just something small).

💛 Drinking lemon water in the mornings again.

💛 Earthing for 30 mins a day. This one was really easy for me because I’ve had an earthing wire installed so I can do this whilst I’m doing other things.

💛 30-60 minutes of personal development or training each morning. It’s the perfect way to kick-start my day because I love learning.

💛 Doing a meditation before bed.

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Your challenge:

Think of one tweak that you could make this week and share it with me on Instagram.

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