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I’ve been thinking a lot about business advice, particularly the type of business advice you get when you invest in courses, coaches, masterminds etc. that you invest in within the first few years of your business.

I’ve noticed a trend of people promoting this mindset that you have to be willing to do anything and everything, you have to hustle, and you have to get things done in order to be successful. It’s just exhausting.

I’ve always been the sort of person who takes action. I’m the Queen of taking action.

But I’m done with this hustler mentality. I’ve decided that from now on, I’m not willing to do ANYTHING.

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What I’m no longer willing to do:

💛 I’m not willing to work longer hours – I’ve worked really hard to train myself to work less. I’m working shorter hours but putting more passion into everything I do.

💛 I’m not willing to work with clients who don’t match my values. I will only work with people who I know are a good match and who are going to really invest in themselves through the work we do together.

💛 I’m not willing to jump on free calls with anyone and everyone. This is a big one and has been really difficult to get myself out of the habit of doing. Not everything is about making money but what I have found is that people who pay, pay attention.

💛 I’m also not willing to spend hours on social media every day. One thing I’ve noticed about my own brain is that I feel like shit if I spend too much time scrolling!

💛 I’m not willing to follow ALL of the influencers. There are endless people out there who I could be inspired by, but if I tried to consume all of that information, my brain would explode. It’s important to make sure that you are following people who are:

  1. Making you feel good
  2. Relevant to where you are right now.

💛 I’m not willing to think of everyone else before I think of myself. This one has been painful to come to terms with. I feel like we’re indoctrinated from birth to always put others first. Do things for people because you really want to do it, not because you think you should.

💛 I’m not willing to ask for feedback. Something that I’ve learned recently, since exploring human design, is that my strategy is to inform. I get energy and momentum when I just tell people what something is and open the door for them to join.

💛 I’m not willing to do the sensible thing if it’s boring! I’m over doing things that I don’t love – I want to enjoy everything that I’m doing in my business.

💛 I’m not willing to let other people plant seeds of doubt. This one is a tricky one for me because I’m quite sensitive and empathic so I sometimes take on other people’s feelings. I’m being really mindful right now of protecting myself energetically.

💛 I’m not willing to force relationships anymore. People evolve, they change and they drift apart. Not everyone is there to be your ride-or-die and in the past, I’ve struggled with this.

💛 I’m not willing to focus solely on the money. I’m not interested in focusing on offers and projects are just about the money, I want to focus on things that are fun for me. I want to be excited and enthusiastic about the things I do.

💛 I’m not willing to do everything alone. I have dabbled with having VAs and people to support me with things in the past. But I’ve only done it half-heartedly in the past. I’m ready to hand things over fully and focus on what I love instead.

💛 I’m not willing to sacrifice my health, my sleep, and my personal satisfaction. These things used to be last on my list. I want this business to grow with me, but this will only happen if I look after myself.

This is my new rulebook. These are the things I’m no longer willing to tolerate.

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