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Human design is a system – it’s how you are most naturally inclined to energetically communicate, interact and express yourself in the world. It’s like your own energetic DNA and everyone is completely different.

In this episode, I’m chatting to Life Coach and Human Design consultant, Cynthia Beard all about human design and how we can use it in every part of our lives.

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The key takeaways:

💛 You can truly activate and apply your human design to every single part of your life.

💛 It’s easy to calculate what your human design type is, using your birth date, your birthplace and your birth time (your birth time is super important so make sure you know this!)

💛 It can be pretty confusing to read your results but the most important components to understand are:

Your type

There are 5 types:

  • Manifestor
  • Generators
  • Manifesting Generators
  • Projector
  • Reflector

Essentially, in your human design body graph, there are 9 different areas that correlate to energy centres and your type is determined by these energy centres (kind of like chakras).

From your type, your strategy and authority are dictated. Your type has some general characteristics like how much energy you have, how you best make decisions etc. and your strategy and authority provide a roadmap of how you actually do that in the real world.

Your strategy

Each type has a strategy for making decisions. For example, do you wait before initiating a response to things?

Your authority

Your authority is how you respond to things going on around you based on your energy centres.

💛 Your type, strategy and authority help you move through the world in a way that is in alignment with your natural energy.

💛 Every single type is mean to integrate and work with each other – we are all different parts of the same whole. If you have a team, you ideally want someone of each type on your team!

Top tips for using human design in your business:

  • Generators – wait to respond and then follow your authority. Do market research and get feedback before you do things.
  • Manifestors – you have the energy to reach out to people you want to work with or collaborate with.
  • Manifesting Generators – you are a type of Generator. Follow your Generator strategy and authority and once you’ve followed your authority, then you have the Manifestor energy to follow through on those things.
  • Projectors – in business we’re taught to go, go, go but Projectors don’t have access to life-force energy so they can’t do that. It’s important for you to do 2-3 hours of work and then relax and rest.
  • Reflectors – be aware of the environment that you’re in e.g. where you are working and who you are working with. It’s also important for you to engage with a lot of different experiences and different groups of people.

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