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In my eyes, there are four fundamentals to having an incredibly organised work week – in this episode, I’m digging into each of them.

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Step 1: Get curious

  • How are you currently spending your time?
  • Are there any bad habits sabotaging your work day?
  • Are there projects that don’t fire you up anymore?
  • Is there anything you can digitise or delegate?

This is the first thing I go through with all of my Tripswitch clients – we dig in with real detail, looking at how you’re spending your time, both inside of work and outside of work, before making sure you’re set up to get the most out of both in a way that feels fun and easy.

Step 2: Get in your calendar

Create a brand new shiny Google Calendar and use it to block out everything that needs to get done. Use these prompts to make sure you’re covering everything:

  • What lifestyle essentials do you have going on? Meal times? Comfort breaks? School drop off? Dog walks? Book cluc? Workout classes?
  • What personal or professional development have you committed to? Monthly coaching calls, weekly QandAs for a course, time to go through training vids once a fortnight, live events you have tickets for?
  • What client time do you have booked in each week? It doesn’t matter if your client work doesn’t have set in stone slots, for now just pretend it does.
  • What are the essentials that need to take place in YOUR business – every quarter, every month, every week, every day?

When you look at your week ahead, you may feel like it’s just too full – that’s a clear sign you need to get curious again and redefine the word “essential”. If it’s just that things are overlapping, and that stresses you out – fear not, That’s the beauty of a GCal – you can drag and drop.

Step 3: Get your pen out

Writing things down is a wildly effective way to make sure you’re prioritising properly, getting everything done that will move you closer to your goals and avoid letting things fall through the net.

Step 4: Get ready

As the boss of this biz, you want to review, revise and rejig regularly. Host a weekly planning meeting just for you – I like to have mine on a Sunday. Ask yourself:

  • Review the week just gone
  • What worked? What didn’t?
  • What can you celebrate?
  • What do you need to carry over to next week?
  • What is no longer relevant?
  • What do you want more of or less of?

Then take a look at your calendar blocks for the week ahead and shuffle as required…

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Your challenge:

Pick ONE of these steps and commit to it for one week.

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