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I wholeheartedly believe that feeling good BEFORE you sit down at your desk is the key to having a wildly productive, wildly efficient, wildly enjoyable day in your business…

So in this episode of Your Biz, Your Rules, I’m sharing a handful of different tactics to help you do just that! Pick the ones you like the sound of, mix them up, when they feel less fun? Try another! There’s no prescription for good vibes.

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9 ways to set yourself up for the best day in your business:

💛 Journal: Everyone’s journaling practice looks different, but here are a few ideas to get you going…

  • Morning pages (3 pages of long hand freewriting)
  • Rewrite a mantra or affirmation 55 times for 5 days
  • Use prompts
  • Write out your list of big goals every day

💛 Meditate: I prefer guided meditations – I still struggle with sitting in silence! I’ve been collecting different audios I love for years, but there are plenty out there for you to choose from – Youtube is a great resource.

💛 Send a grateful voicenote: Commit to sending your biz bestie a voicenote full of things you’re grateful for every morning. I like to take this up a level by also sharing one thing that’s going to make life GREAT that day too.

💛 Read a chapter of a book just for fun.

💛 Get outside: take a walk, clear your mind! Bonus points if you can find a tree to hug.

💛 Put on a killer playlist and dance like nobody’s watching.

💛 Cuddle somebody.

💛 Eat a great breakfast: set yourself up for a good day by fuelling your brain and your body with good nutrition!

💛 Actually get ready: take a shower, brush your hair, get dressed in proper clothes… when you feel put together, you ACT put together.

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Try one of these tactics and share a post or Story telling us what you did and how it felt – don’t forget to tag me so I can come take a look!

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