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I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – I LOVE it when my clients are away for the holidays. Don’t get me wrong, I love the people I work with, but there’s something about having a chunk of time totally free from work obligations that inspires me big time in my business.

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Around this time last year, I released an episode filled with things you could do to fuel your own business while your clients are away Christmassing, and today there’s one more thing I’d like to add to that list.

Figure out how to prioritise your own dreams.

If you attach your self-worth, or even just your mood to what someone else does or doesn’t make happen, you are handing over every scrap of your power. You are telling them (and everyone else) that what YOU want and what YOU hope for are near on insignificant… and they’re not.

So I want to challenge you… This is not about setting “everything will be different” style NY resolutions because HELLO that never works. This is about pivoting the way you show up ever so slightly so that you can carry on delighting your clients without sacrificing getting your needs met.

If me telling you this has been enough to spark the fame – GREAT. Go pull out a journal and map out what this will look like for you.

If you’re all “well it sounds great but how the hell do I actually make changes that are going to stick??”… keep going.

I have designed the workshop to end all workshops to help you get this sorted before you get back to it in the New Year.

Unshakeable Goals is a 4hr virtual power party designed to help you get ready for the BEST 2020 (and beyond possible). Together we will get you ready for the life and business you keep saying you want.

It is NOT the same tried, tested, tired goal-setting session. It is NOT all work and no play. It is NOT a lot of theory and no action. It’s a half-day, life-changing intensive that will forever shake up the way you shape your dreams, show up in the world and shed what doesn’t serve you.

There’s an equal weight on planning and implementation because I want to see you achieve everything you could possible want. It’s not enough for me to see you feeling positive about your goals.

Let me share a little overview of what Unshakeable Goals will look like:

  • We’ll be starting with a cuppa and a chat so we can get to know each other properly.
  • We’ll be reviewing all the wins you’ve experienced in 2019, and I’ll be sharing a tactic that never fails to conjure a good mood (so you’ll be sorted on that front from now on)
  • We’ll look at all the things that got in the way of your good intentions this year, and figure out how to eradicate them going forward
  • We’ll work through my P3 system which will help you get clear on on your true priorities
  • We’ll schedule in your R&R time for the whole of 2020
  • We’ll scrap SMART goals and get even SMARTER with our intentions
  • We’ll create implementation plans that feel fun and expansive
  • We’ll create a monthly check-in ritual so that you can review and reassess your goals throughout the year
  • We’ll embrace minimal daily actions and strip those to do lists right back
  • And we’ll finish with a live meditation to make your goals a done deal

Like I said, it’s a gamechanger.

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