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Today’s topics might be a bit of an uncomfortable one, so buckle up. I want to talk to you about the people in your life.

Your family. Your friends. Your significant other. Your clients. Your biz buddies. Your peers. Your colleagues. Your team. Your coach. Your followers. Your mentors. Your Instagram faves.

All of the humans in your life.

How many of those people I just listed out fuel and support your goals, either in life or in business?

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The key takeaways:

Maybe you have clients who don’t support your business goals outside of working for them? Maybe you have friends who don’t support your intention to stop drinking? Maybe you have biz connections who don’t support the woo route your work is taking?

I want you to remember that the only person who can make your goals, dreams and intentions a reality is YOU.

YOU are the one with the power. BUT other people can derail you. They can become that little voice in your head. That niggle. That doubt. They can trigger you in a way that causes you to sabotage yourself (which is the most frustrating of all!)

You can choose who you give your time and energy to. You can choose who stays in your inner circle.

If your family and friends are unsupportive, distance yourself, or make it clear you are not available to discuss certain topics with them.

If your significant other isn’t on your team, take a moment to think about whether that’s the right life partner for you, because this growth will not stop here.

If your clients don’t respect your evolution, sack them and move on.

If your biz buddies and peers are not providing the support you need, cut those cords and find yourself a group of like-minded people to be around instead.

If it feels like your team is dragging you backwards, take a good hard look at that. The dynamic behind the scenes should 100% support and encourage you.

If your coach isn’t challenging you to grow beyond your comfort zone, get your arse back to the drawing board and find one who does.

If the people you follow online make you question yourself, or doubt yourself, or compare yourself, or let your bitchy side out… get up close and personal with that mute button!!

If you truly want to be better, do better, have better… you have to take back control of your environment and who you let in.

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Your challenge:

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Your homework for today is to spend a few minutes reviewing your friends list on Facebook OR your follow list on Instagram and remove or mute anyone who isn’t encouraging the next level version of you to come out. And then for a bit of added accountability, I want you to slide into my DMs and tell me how many voices you’ve silenced.

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