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Let’s talk about building a community.

It’s something we all want, but it’s not always that easy. Especially for those of us who are slightly awkward introverts *cough*.

In this episode, I’m chatting with tribe-building expert Julie about how to create a lovely, aligned community of humans around you.

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The key takeaways:

💛 People are people, whether they’re online or offline. Community at its core is about having a group of people with a shared vision – a shared sense of ownership.

💛 Entrepreneurs often go about this the wrong way – they think that by creating space for a community it’s going to happen. The tribe is not the Facebook group – that’s simply the platform.

💛 There will always be fools who feel the need to comment… but often that backlash is what will attract the right people. (And remember – if you let everyone into your tribe, you let the idiots in too).

💛 A tribe is a two-way thing. You might be the leader, but they will inspire and challenge you as you go. Be open to that. Your community may not always be your “ideal customers” – they can still be valuable human beings to have in your network.

Extra tips for building your online tribe:

  • Get super clear on the rules and standards of your group and be willing to challenge those who overstep.
  • Put yourself out there in the real (offline) world too – that’s how you create die-hard connection.
  • Don’t make assumptions about the people who might want to be part of your network.
  • Remember that people need to know that your more than just a digital profile.

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Julie Creffield, founder of the plus size fitness movement Too Fat to Run, has spent the past 5 years working online and off with women to improve their health and happiness. But that’s not where Julie started. For over 25 year Julie has worked with organisations, such as the London 2012 Olympics, to bring communities together.   When Julie found herself alone as a single mom, she decided to put her community-building skills to work in her own business turning her blog into a 6-figure business.  Her work has made a powerful and positive impact in the communities that she serves.  Today, Julie works with female business owners to increase their profits and reach more people using her easy-to-follow 8-week Tribe-Builder Programme.  Julie believes that, “You deserve a happy, healthy, and fulfilled life. Having a strong tribe that you support and supports you is what community building is all about. You work hard and deserve a business that supports your lifestyle. I can help you do it.”

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