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In this episode, I’m diving into how you can use your evergreen content to sell your stuff with subtlety… because it doesn’t all have to be about pushy sales emails and big scary launches.

You really can get a steady stream of income simply by showing up online.

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The key takeaways:

💛 Across the board, people seem to struggle with getting conversions (even if they are showing up consistently), but it doesn’t have to be that difficult.

💛 Sign-ups and sales can come to you effortlessly (really!).

TOP TIP: use the offer you want to sell to theme and guide all of your content.

Take one theme that you address with your “thing” and create a series of evergreen posts around that topic. Then you casually segue into, “oh, by the way, you might want to buy this…”.

For example, my membership, the Content Arsenal hits on a whole bunch of themes: productivity, workflows, content clarity, planning, podcasting, blogging, list-building, livestreaming, Instagram, Linkedin, etc, etc, etc.

I could choose one of those topics, say Instagram, and come up with:

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A few more ways to make casual sales with your content:

  • Use Canva to create cover images for all of your social media platforms, referencing your offer.
  • Add a brief CTA and short link to every bio.
  • Add “founder of” (your offer) as a job role on Linkedin and use that space as a mini sales page.
  • Create a highlight reel of Instagram Stories that mention your offer.
  • Do a casual call out on Stories announcing open spots.
  • Add your link and tagline to your email signature.
  • Install a free “author bio” plugin on your site and add a call-to-action to that box.
  • Create a pinned post on Facebook and Twitter.
  • Set up an inbox autoresponder.
  • Make sure your offer is in your online shop, on your work with me page, in the sidebar of your blog, etc.
  • Write an email to your list outlining all your different offers and SEND IT.

The links + stuff:

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