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This time of year is full of people sharing their New Year’s resolutions, their big juicy goals, their words of the year… and all that stuff is great fun if you’re a die-hard planner too.

But if you’re not, or you are but you’re not quite feeling the planning buzz this year, that’s ok too. You can turn it around, and still get the mojo and motivation that crazy cats like me get from a bit of goal-setting, and in this ep I’ll be showing you how.

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The first step is to identify WHY planning and/or goal-setting is filling you with so much dread. Is it that you don’t have faith that you’ll achieve any of your dreams or is it that you don’t really know what you want?

If you don’t know what you want, here’s a journaling exercise to help you out:

Down the left-hand side of your page, write out the numbers 1-25 and then finish this sentence for me: I want to be the kind of person who… and do it 25 times.

It’s supposed to feel challenging – the first 5-10 will be relatively easy but then you have to go deeper. Don’t overthink this, write down whatever comes to mind.


  • I want to be the kind of person who finishes work at 3.30 every day.
  • I want to be the kind of person who makes money without doing 1:1 work.
  • I want to be the kind of person who gets a massage every month.

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And then if it’s the “how do I make it happen?” question that plagues you…

My biggest tip is to sit down with a cup of tea and a notebook and make your achievement plan. What I mean by that, is list out all of those goals and intentions, and brainstorm all the tactics that will help you do all the things you’re dreaming of.


  • I want to be the kind of person who listens to a podcast every day >> create a hit list of the podcasts you love, then create a recurring daily task in Asana to listen to one episode.
  • I want to be the kind of person who takes regular holidays >> go through your calendar and block out your chosen holiday dates, and then email your clients now to set expectations.
  • I want to be the kind of person who shows up on video with confidence >> you could commit to a daily livestream challenge for a whole month – brainstorm 30 topics you’d be able to talk about with ease, choose your month, and then set up your daily prompts so you never have the “not sure what to say” excuse .

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If you set goals in a vacuum, they’ll never come to be. If you arm yourself with the tools to make shit happen, it’s another story altogether.

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