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A couple of weeks ago one of my lovely clients invited me (and the rest of the team) to a getaway at her local spa. It was amazing, and not just because of all the relaxing (and hot tub wine, because that’s a thing).

In this episode, I’m rounding up three of my big takeaways from spending a couple of days with a group of such inspiring (and successful) women, and how I’m turning them into commitments into my life and business as we head into the New Year.

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Commitment #1: Growing a real tribe is essential.

Having a tribe is so important. If they’re likeminded introverts who “get” the online business game, all the better. It could be a team thing like this was, it could be a mastermind group, or it could be a gang of biz buddies you’ve connected to online.

Commitment #2: We all belong at the top of our own list of priorities.

The thing we all had in common? Self-care was last on the list. One of my favourite moments was where we went around the table sharing our new self-care commitments so that we could hold each other accountable. Some of the goals that came up were:

  • Start taking proper lunch breaks
  • Book in for a monthly massage
  • Stop making fat jokes about myself
  • Hire a housekeeper to cook healthier meals
  • Do a little bit of yoga every day
  • Try meditating
  • Drink more water

Commitment #3: Focusing on the one thing is what will move our business forward.

Another commonality is that we all live to serve… but that doesn’t always serve us or our own businesses. There was a lot of discussion around stripping things back to focus on one core goal or one core offer as we head into the New Year so that the thing can truly become the priority we say it is.

I want to encourage you to do the same. Pick one core service or product that you’re going to lead with in 2019. That’s the overall strategy. The tactics, you can mix up. The “how” of selling and promotion? That’s the stuff you can have fun with.

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