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Do you ever feel a bit overwhelmed and/or drained just by opening your internet browser?

Yeah, me too.

In this episode, I’m sharing a whole bunch of, frankly unnecessary, stuff that you can eliminate from your digital and mental space right now.

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Things to declutter from your headspace:

  • All of the login details for previous clients or even your old accounts from things.
  • Everything in your downloads folder. If you didn’t open up or file the thing right away, what are the chance you’ll actually ever need to go back and find it?
  • Dissatisfactory stationery. Any paper that tears too easily. Any pens that don’t write smoothly. Any post-its that don’t stick.
  • All the things on your Amazon wishlist that you don’t actually want.
  • Facebook friends that you wouldn’t cross the road to say hi to.
  • People you follow on Instagram that don’t inspire you or interest you in some way. Mood hoovers and obligation follows BE GONE.
  • Unnecessary email folders. If something has been actioned, delete. If something might need to be referenced later, archive. If something will need chasing at a later date, go ahead and add it as a task on your to-do list (I use the Gmail Asana add-on for this)

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