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Are you committed to growing your Instagram following?

Ever since they introduced the “swipe up” feature in Instagram Stories for anyone with over 10,000 followers, it’s become something of an obsession for many, so today I thought I’d share a handful of my top tips for growing your Insta audience quickly.

Before we get into this, there are a few things you should know:

  • Instagram follower turnover is pretty high, so don’t feel bad if that number goes up and down a lot.
  • It’s far better in the long run to attract relevant people who will love your stuff because they’re more likely to buy from you… even if it might mean your growth happens a little more slowly.

Tip 1 // Optimise your Instagram bio

Make it clear WHY people should follow you in your profile itself. All of the work you do will drive people to it, so the job of your bio is to convince them to hit “follow”.

I recommend you include:

  • What you do
  • Who you do it for / how you do it
  • What they can expect from you on Instagram
  • A call-to-action

Tip 2 // Share content consistently

Make sure you’re sharing something every single day if you can, but don’t share fluff just for the sake of it. Instead try to publish posts that provide insight, interest or inspiration.

Read this for inspiration >> 30 fun, simple Instagram posts for your grid

Or try this one >> A month’s worth of Instagram Story ideas

Bonus tip: Use a tool like Planoly to schedule out your posts ahead of time – it’s the best way to make sure you’ve got something going out *even* when life gets busy

Tip 3 // Commit to engaging with other Instagram users

Instagram is a fantastic relationship builder, but you can’t just post things into a vacuum, hide in a corner and expect the magic to happen. If you want true connection and a loyal following, you have to be an active participant in the engagement.

This will help >> My 15 minute Instagram engagement hack

Tip 4 // Use as many different Instagram features as possible

Instagram appreciates (and therefore prioritizes) accounts that use all the different Instagram features, so that means:

Tip 5 // Remember your hashtags

Use up to 30 hashtags in each of your Instagram posts, and one in your Instagram Stories (you can shrink it really small if you don’t want it to be visible).

If you’re not sure which hashtags to use, here’s what I do:

  • 1-2 “personal” hashtags (names of my products)
  • 5 “big” hashtags (fairly generic ones with 1m + uses)
  • 5 “media” hashtags (podcast, e-course, book name or movement names that your ideal clients are likely to be interested in)
  • 10 “regular” hashtags (key terms that are of interest to your people, relevant to your business and post content, and have up to 100,000 uses)

Tip 6 // Point people towards your Instagram profile

Commit to pointing someone towards your Instagram profile every single day, and more than that, tell them WHY they should follow you. What will they get out of it?

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  1. Add a link to your email signature.
  2. Pin it to the top of your Facebook page.
  3. Share a link during the promo days of your favourite Facebook friends.
  4. Add your handle to your business cards.
  5. Share it in a Linkedin post.
  6. Message people directly.
  7. Include it in the sign-off of your podcast, videos or live streams.
  8. Share it every time you run a training session or webinar.
  9. Add it to the footer of your newsletter.
  10. Tweet it.
  11. Add it to the sidebar or footer of your website.
  12. Feature it on the “thank you” page after someone signs up to your email list.
  13. Add it as a call-to-action at the bottom of every blog post.
  14. Include it in your bio every time you’re interviewed on a podcast or publish a guest post.
  15. Add it to your lead magnet and/or welcome email for new sign-ups.

And without further ado (because I’m trying to follow my own advice) make sure you’re following me on Instagram!