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Let’s talk about creating interesting Instagram Stories… because they really are a fantastic way to boost your business online.

And a lot of people know that, yet can’t seem to do more than share that great doughnut, or happy hour selfie. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE doughnuts (and happy hour, for that matter), but if that’s really the best you can do in your Stories, you’re making it too easy for people to click away.

Just to clarify, to create killer Insta Stories, you do not need mad tech skills, you do not need fancy equipment and a bunch of extra apps, a graphic design degree or even to be massively confident on camera.

You can show up with your phone and a simple idea, and use those to win at Instagram Stories. I can’t send you all a phone, but I can provide the simple ideas. These Instagram Story topics are things that you can run with, play with and add to your regular content machine because they’ll NEVER get old. That’s a promise.

10 Instagram Story ideas to get you making waves online

Share a piece of content

Promote a recent piece of content you’ve published elsewhere, whether that’s on your blog, on Youtube, or even on IGTV.

For extra inspiration, check out my post on promoting your podcast using Instagram – all of the tips can be applied to your other content formats too. You don’t have to be a podder.

Share a win

Take a moment to celebrate a win in your Instagram Stories. It could be a client achievement. It could be an important milestone or anniversary. It could be a particularly arduous task you’ve finally crossed off your list. It could be the end of a launch, a financial goal reached, or a follower target achieved.

Big or small, let your people get involved with the celebrating.

Share a lesson learned

Share a lesson you’ve learned that has made a genuine impact on the way you live, work or think.

This could be inspired by a conversation with a real human, it could be something gleaned from a personal development book, it could have come at you via an e-course, podcast or live stream, it could be a takeaway from an experience… it doesn’t really matter.

Pay it forward and share that lesson with your people so that they don’t have to deal with the same struggle you did.

Share a recent read

Have you read a book or articles that changed something for you? Or maybe you’ve just read something you enjoyed or something that made a lot of sense?

Share that with your audience. (I don’t know about you, but I LOVE getting reading recommendations from the people in my virtual network.)

Share a recent conversation

Conversations with the people in our lives can be some of our most rewarding, infuriating and illuminating experiences we face. Post a bit of that in your Stories. You could talk about an idea sparked by one of those discussions, a topic you’d like to hear their opinion on or some food for thought you’d like to share.

Share a recent act of self-care

Because we’re not all about the work stuff, right? One of the big benefits of Instagram Stories is that people have the opportunity to embrace their inner nosiness and invade the “life” parts of your life, so give them that.

Share peeks of how you wind down and refuel.

Share a recent listen

Whether you’re a podcast superfan, an avid audiobook listener or a serious music lover, go for it.

Your people want to know about the things that inspire you. The things that fill your mind (and your ears). And like I said before, I love getting a good recommendation on Instagram.

Bonus points if you take the creator of your recent listen – it’s all about growing that network.

Share a love note

We all have it drilled into us that social proof is the winning thing. Testimonials, endorsements, reviews… they’re what show the world just how excellent we are.

But the world won’t know how excellent we are if we don’t give them a glimpse. And Instagram Stories give you the opportunity to do just that in a creative, dynamic way. Because let’s have it right – a testimonials page on your website is BORING. I wouldn’t bother scrolling through them all.

In your Stories, you can mix it up. You can share screenshots of in situ comments and messages. You can share video testimonies. You can make pretty on brand graphics. You can get whimsical with your fonts and GIFs. You can keep people interested, and that’s kind of the point.

Share a challenge

Ever experienced a struggle and found a way to work through it? Yes? Share it.

Chances are that people are following you because they’re currently struggling with something that once plagued you. Publish that story and share what you did about it.

Another way to interpret this prompt is to talk about a challenge you’re currently facing and share your progress. This is what I’ve been doing in my Instagram Stories recently – I’ve been on a bit of a mission to get healthier and happier and I’ve been sharing the ins, outs and messy sides of that with my people.

Share a way to work with you

This should go without saying, right? But I’m going to say it anyway.

Invite people to work with you. Share your low-cost products. Talk about your one-on-one services. Promote any flash sales and offers you run. Make Insta Stories part of your launch strategy.

You don’t have to be all about the sell, but you shouldn’t avoid it either.

Let me leave you with this one magical thought… if you can come up with three examples for each of these prompts, that’s one whole month’s worth of relevant, engaging content that you can share in your Instagram Stories. You’re welcome.

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