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Ever since IGTV became a thing, I’ve been feeling called to share more “real-time” discussions about what it looks like to be in the small business trenches, the struggles we face, and how I choose to overcome them… but then the unthinkable happened. The tech wizards joined forces against me, and I was pretty much unable to do ANYTHING on Instagram for about a month.

So I had to find a different outlet… and I chose Your Biz, Your Rules. You’ll still be getting interviews with inspiring minds, you’ll still be getting actionable content tips, but you’ll also be getting more of me and my story. Apologies in advance.

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The key takeaways:

💛 The struggle often lies with balancing the time and energy you give to your clients and the time and energy you invest in growing your own business – especially if you work with other online business owners. My biggest tip is to calendarise the “your biz” time so you can keep that customer pipeline topped up. Make this work for you, but the way I do it is to have Fridays as a super-strict MY BUSINESS day and then commit to doing one small thing that will move my business forward Monday to Thursday.

💛 It can often feel like you’re pouring content into an internet vacuum, but ask yourself this: how often do you engage with other people’s content? Think of the content game as community karma – if you give the love, you’ll get the love. Tell those creators you adore just how much they’ve impacted you.

💛 If you follow any sort of goal-setting system, there can be a bit of pressure to dream up the perfect goals at the perfect time… but that’s pressure you don’t need. Give yourself permission to follow your muse WHEN SHE ARRIVES. You don’t have to hunt her down with a shotgun.

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The links + stuff:

The quotables:

“Think about what you want and think about what your priorities are.”

“Goal-setting shouldn’t be a drama. It should be something that motivates you and gives you the focus you need.”

“When you really want something, you’ll be the first to know.”

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